This week, I will review MastersThesisWriting. I had read a lot of reviews and thought I will test them myself. I ordered 2 dissertations from them. One of them was an undergraduate level and the other was a Masters level. I wanted to check their expertise on these levels because the main clients of come from these two levels. I will base my review on 5 categories.

Quality – 2

The quality was much lower than I expected. While there were no spelling mistakes, there were obvious grammatical errors. Both the papers were seemingly written by non-native writers. It’s hard to get good grades if the reports are so full of mistakes. I was clearly not impressed by the quality of The research was average too. There were not many citations and it seemed that the writer just wanted to finish the papers in a hurry. The reports were below average quality and it put me off.

Services – 4

The services were decent. The reports passed plagiarism checkers and the system was pretty easy. One thing I would like to mention in this review is that the prices were mentioned on the home page, which gave me a pretty accurate estimate of what the reports would cost me. I asked for minor revisions on one of the reports and their team wasn’t very happy about it. However, they did make the changes I requested.

Prices – 5

Prices are decent. They charge $20/page for undergraduate level, $25/page for masters and $28/page for doctorate level. If you are a doctorate-level student, their prices will be a bargain for you. I have written reviews for several academic websites and the prices of MastersThesisWriting fall in the average range. However, the quality that I got for those prices wasn’t great. If I compare the quality with the price, their rates are definitely not worth it.

Support – 2

I requested for some edits on the reports and the customer support did not seem as eager to help me out as it was when I wanted to place the order. I pointed out the grammatical mistakes and asked them to fix the flaws. They seemed to get offended when I pointed out their mistakes. I have written reviews for several academic websites and found customer service department a bit lacking in most cases. This review is no different – the team is not happy when I ask for free edits, although they promise unlimited free revisions.

Delivery – 4

Delivery by was made on time but it took a long time for them to fix the errors. Also, they fixed just the parts they were told about. I pointed out just a few errors in the reports and hoped that the writer will revise the entire document and fix all the flaws I haven’t pointed out. But the reports were sent to me with errors. It’s like the writer just fixed the parts I had mentioned. I saw no effort on their part. Not just the quality of MasterThesisWriting was bad, but the delivery wasn’t great either.

Overall Experience – 3.4

Not a happy experience so not a happy review. I didn’t know what to do with that report. Since the deadline was due, I had to submit it after a few edits. It didn’t get me high grades as told by their reviews and I was disappointed. It seems that the positive reviews I had read were fake. My experience with the company was horrible. Since I got a low score on my assignment, I don’t know why I ordered from them in the first place.













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