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Quality: 1

I am absolute dejected from the quality of service I got from this site. They are only good in producing next to zero quality. I got a terrible assignment piece, and the contents were completely incorrect in terms of fact and seems the write up must have been handled by a blind writer. There seems to be no concept of checking grammar and spellings. What lured me into the trap is the sleek and engaging website, I thought the final assignment will produce a great result just as the outlook of the website.

Services: 3

The reviews I had read about before hiring them were so positive, and all reviewers seemed to have had experiences different from mine. From the beginning to the end, the website owners seemed to be in a rush, but sent me a late work and I was forced to submit few minutes before the deadline and up till now, they haven’t responded to my complaint. I never hear from them while the writer was writing for me, hence I hope this review will be considered by future customers before they hire

Prices: 1

The price of services rendered here are just as awful as the website’s theme. The price calculator is completely faulty, hence I got double of the quote I was supposed to get in the beginning. Surprisingly, I didn’t read much about price on the website’s reviews, but I do expect the provide more information on its prices, as the poor quality of such services nearly cost me my education and made me to fail the essay. I had contacted the website on all contacts listed on the site but still got no answer till date.

Support: 2

A score of 2 is all I can give this website, on support. Since I had no response to my queries, it means I had no support whatsoever throughout the period I did business with this organization. I was expecting some refunds here and I hope they will refund me as soon as possible.

Delivery: 1

What made me hire this company in the beginning was the promises they gave about their services, and I handed a weighty project that has a strong impact on my degree, to them, because I thought they would handle it professionally, but the delivery I got was simply horrible. While reviews from other users got me thinking I will get a good job done, but as deadline got closer, there was no response from and it seemed I had got a mark for doing a job worth nothing. The website had sent my work late and I had little or no time to check through and it wasn’t until I got a fail mark that I realized the magnitude of my mistake.

Overall experience

The overall experience on has to be the lowest one possible. I got a completely messy work, and there were just too many errors and spelling mistakes to handle- all these got me a terrible fail grade. Other reviews will never warn you of this, hence I am writing this to help future customers have a re-think before hiring the website. I lost a lot of money to this shady job and I feel like I have just been scammed. I had to appeal my grade and ask for another chance to rewrite my essays.













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            • Amber says:

              I hope that my brief review will help at least one person in this world to stay away from My deadline was failed and I had so many troubles in college because of it. Maybe the company isn’t as bad but I’ll never hire it again.

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