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Quality: 7

I am satisfied with how wrote my paper. It was what I wanted: no more, no less. A part of me was expecting something a bit flashier. After all, the reviews seemed very positive. I reckon that my expectations were very high. So, I had asked for a re-editing job on my 2000-word essay…and that’s exactly what I got.

Services: 4

I was very disappointed here (hence my reason for writing this review). First of all it was hard to navigate the UKessays site. I didn’t need anyone to write my essay (as I had already done that.) What I needed was someone to edit it. More importantly, I needed someone to make sure that it was all written in UK English (my professor is not fond of US English spelling and grammar.) It took me over ten minutes to finally find the correct place to order (I wasn’t sure if I had to pick ‘essay writing service’ or perhaps ‘exam revision’). The writer in question was professional enough but had a hard time with the job initially. I guess he doesn’t get many US to UK English conversion papers? It was also hard to find any solid reviews as they are mostly one liners.

Prices: 4

The price for my paper was insanely high! I wasn’t expecting my work to cost more than 200 Pounds. I was wrong. I’m on a student budget after all, and the price for re-editing my paper is the same as my rent! That being said, none of the reviews and testimonials that I had read on UKessays mentioned the price, so I think that it’s safe to say that they’re standard. Still…I wasn’t expecting it cost so much! People really should mention the prices in their review so that prospective customers have an idea of the costs. The UKessays website does give us a breakdown on costs (and we can customize it to an extent) but I’d like to hear from previous customers (particularly students) on this matter.

Support: 5

I have to admit, I had many questions for the customer support team. I was asking questions about how to get my specific job done (re-editing and converting essays from US English to UK English.) They don’t get too many requests like this so they weren’t sure. I was also asking about price customization and deadline guarantees. They were courteous enough but to be honest I was hoping for more helpful information from them. They weren’t sure what to tell me which meant that I ultimately had to take a guess as to which service to pick. Luckily it worked out but none of reviews talked about their customer service…I wished that I had known more about this beforehand.

Delivery: 7

The delivery was adequate. It was delivered on time with a note from the writer. I guess that this is the part that gets most of the reviews. I would have to say that I am satisfied enough with the delivery. I ultimately got the grade I wanted… but I know that that’s more because of the writing and not the US to UK editing.

Overall: 5.4

My review comes across as a neutral one. I am overall satisfied enough with their products and services based on my first experience. The customer service was polite and responsive enough…but not very helpful (at least not with me.) I wish that more reviews were all-encompassing (rather than just focusing on the delivery.) If you’re thinking about trying them out too please write a thorough review too for everyone’s sake (be sure to label it as a review!)













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