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Quality: (7)

Quality-wise it was somehow acceptable. Since I was new to this, I am not aware on what can do for me. I wanted an excellently-made paper in 3 days since I sort of procrastinated (something which I considered as my fault). The submitted work sent to me really impressed my instructor. I’m not providing a higher mark than ‘7’ on this review since I felt that they could have done something more superior. The writing style was really average that I had to make a few edits myself such that it flows exactly as I have written it myself. Once again, please be reminded that I had only wanted the paper made due to my procrastination. I am an excellent writer myself (it is obvious on this review).

Services: (7)

Their options were really just regular. It wasn’t hard to search for them and to utilize the site. There was also a chat platform in case you prefer to use it. The fees for the services are readily available (which I actually find unusual if you had checked my other reviews for other paper writing organizations). Also, the choice sort of annoyed me. For instance, what exactly is the difference between premium and basic? Shouldn’t all writing style be at its most excellent? This was somehow frustrating. Adding to my exasperation are those random chat which would pop out every now and then. I was chatting with someone named “Jessy” but in the end I realized that these are just automated messages urging me to place my order. If you have checked other reviews you’ll know that others didn’t like just how assertive it is.

Prices: (4)

It was rather satisfactory but then again, I was expecting an excellently-made paper. What was submitted to me was not as well worth the amount which I had to pay. I even have a colleague who spent as much as $100 on Affordablepapers. She thought that it was really costly compared to what they are giving. You’ll see several of these cited in several reviews not only from her. If you’ve allotted a bigger amount then you’ll be fine. But if you happen to be a student, like in my case, who barely has enough budget to finance both my rent and allowance (I can even hardly come up with this review) then you’ll just settle with the basic option or go with another writing company.

Support: (7)

Putting aside the fact that they are too assertive before you even shell out money with them, the Affordablepapers support staff is really excellent. They help just minutes after you have sent your questions. They’re as well eager to assist (probably it could just be the automated messages.) I like the idea of having a chat platform since you obtain assistance instantly. I am apprehensive about the idea of providing my email to others.

Delivery: (5)

This was submitted to me in an ordinary zip file. It was a bit of an issue since I could not get it to open. I was thinking that David (the assigned writer) had inadvertently sent me the wrong file. I had to request for him to send me different one but it took almost a day for me get the file I needed. I usually wouldn’t mind except during that time I had a deadline to beat and this has really made things difficult. This is the reason I am giving this part of the process just a ‘5’.

Overall Experience: (6)

As a whole, I can say that I wasn’t really too happy with Affordablepapers. They can deliver reliable quality but at a really costly price. They have this user-friendly website although the random pop up chats can be really irritating. I had an excellent time with the support team but had a not-so satisfying one in terms of the delivery phase. I’d recommend anyone to go over several reviews prior to choosing on whether they would opt for their services or not.













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            • Laki says:

              Paid 60 bucks for an essay. Don’t know if it’s affordable or not but I guess that’s life. Will be looking for someone cheaper, maybe any of you guys know where to look?

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