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Quality (2)

This is my account in an online review about the services I received from this company. I have to say I was very disappointed in my paper from This was written at well below a college level paper, and it didn’t include enough research to be acceptable. There is no way that I could have turned this paper into my professor and gotten even a passing grade. It was very elementary in its approach and writing. I wish I would have read the reviews that I now see about this company before I decided to work with them. Do yourself a favor and be sure to read all the reviews that are posted online about this company before you ask it to write you a paper.

Services (3)

Sure, offers a lot of different services, but I doubt that any of them are the quality you are looking for. My paper was poorly written, and a lot of other students that used TopEssayWriting also say in their reviews that they experienced the same thing. It doesn’t matter how many services are offered if TopEssayWriting can’t live up to student expectations.

Prices (1)

This is where I really want every student to pay attention to in my review as the prices for were very expensive. It charged me quite a large fee to have my paper done for what turned out to be a high school or lower level paper. I don’t know how it can get away with charging college students so much money for such a poor service. There are a number of other writing services that you can go with, and I suggest you read all the reviews before you even think about working with this online writing service.

Support (3)

When I complained about how disappointed I was with my paper, TopEssayWriting didn’t exactly offer to help much in any way. I am giving them a few stars here because the representative I worked with was nice but didn’t help me in any way to rectify the situation. I was basically stuck with my paper that I paid a lot of money for and couldn’t even use it. What a disappointment!

Delivery (2)

One of the worst parts about working with TopEssayWriting was the fact that it delivered my paper late. I had specifically given them a deadline that I needed the paper by and they sent it to me after the fact. This just added insult to injury as now my paper was late, and I couldn’t even use it at all. I really had to scramble to get something together for my class so I could turn something in. I won’t be using, and I want everyone to read this review, so they don’t use them either.

Overall Experience (2.2)

In this review, I want to make sure to say that I was very disappointed with not only the quality of paper I received, but I didn’t get the support I needed to fix my problem. I paid a lot of money out of pocket for this paper and couldn’t use it. Now I am out the money which I could really use and left stressed out from having to cram a paper together to turn in. Never again will I use TopEssayWriting. I recommend that everyone read all the reviews that are listed about this company. They are really telling, and from my experience, I know that they are true.













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            • Bessa says:

     what can I say. I’d rename them LowEssayWriting, becayse the paper i got was absolute bulshit, will never order from them again. In fact, I shouldve written my own paper in the first place. Too bad I got work and kids

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