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Quality: 2

All I needed was a little help on my sociology paper. I had the perfect topic which was the outcome of abortions. I ordered an essay to be written from scratch, but I was not pleased with the outcome. I feel like to project was rushed, even though there was ample time given before the deadline. I found some typos and there were facts missing from the paper that I wanted included. I opted for this service of because I thought it would be convenient and help me to get an outstanding grade. But I didn’t get that outcome. I still had to clean up the essay. Maybe the writer didn’t understand what I was looking for.

Services: 3 makes it clear on their site exactly what they offer to clients. And unlike other sites, they even list the prices of their services, front and center. They boast on the fact that they offer 24/7 availability to clients. All I needed was a paper written, but it’s useful to know that there are other options as well. This company offers rewrites and other forms of writing help as well. Placing an order with this service is very easy. This is because the website is easy to navigate. They are very eager for clients and the site makes promises of satisfaction. The customer service was ok. I just wish my paper was better.

Prices: 2

I can’t even lie: I was not happy with the price of my paper. I am a student and I have limited funds. But I was willing to take a chance on this service. I mentioned before that lists their prices on the front page of their site. I knew what to expect, but it still was a bit much. Especially for the quality I received. I went ahead and splurged for the opportunity to get this assignment out of the way. But I learned my lesson.

Support: 3

I filled out the form needed to start my order. I didn’t have that many questions as I knew exactly what I wanted and when I needed it. I got all my questions answered, but they were quick, one-worded answers. They were straight and to the point. Sometimes it felt as if I were communicating with robots instead of people. This made me sort of concerned about how the paper would turn out. It seems that my concerns were legitimate.

Delivery: 3

I suppose the delivery was the best part about my experience with The paper was delivered on time. But that’s not impressive because they are supposed to keep their word anyway. Even though my order was prompt, I was not pleased with what I received, so it was like I didn’t really receive it on time because I had to go back and make changes. I didn’t even worry about going and asking for revisions. I just handled it myself because I didn’t want to take any chances.

Overall: 2.6

I am leaving a negative review. I hate leaving negative reviews, but I have to be honest and tell it all. For now, I will try my best to do my own assignments, or I will consult another writing company. But at this time, I will not continue to use and I will not be recommending their services to any of my friends or fellow students. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the experience because it’s taught me that we don’t always face success with these types of writing services. Thankfully I was able to tighten up my paper and still get a passing grade.













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            • Catarina says:

              Hey! Paperchoice is a writing company which has nothing to do with economics and law. My papers were written by people without degrees in the respective fields.

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