You’ll find this review of completely honest and informative so you can make a decision regarding this writing service.

Quality: 5

I decided to share my review after using their service because it was not exactly the stuff I was looking for but it wasn’t the worst writing service I ever used. gave me quality that was pretty good in my opinion. I probably could have done a better paper without any help, but it still did the trick and was something that I could easily turn into my teacher. I would say that SameDayEssay quality is as good as you would expect from a nominal writing service.

Services: 6

The customer service that I received from was also OK. They helped me with a few issues that I had with the paper but didn’t go out of their way to handle them. I had to do a lot of the work to point these problems out, but they did take care of the grammar issues once I made it apparent to them. The reviews all said that this was the case. I guess I was expecting more. I can’t say I was disappointed with their level of customer service as they did help me, but I did hope they would do a little more for me. Read all the reviews on them before you decide to use them.

Prices: 7

Just like all the reviews on here say, has decent prices. You pay for what you would expect from a writing service of this caliber. They don’t go out of their way to provide you a paper that will impress you, but they don’t disappoint you with the paper either. It is a moderate level paper at a price that is commensurate with the money you pay. Many reviews say the same. You always get what you pay for at a price that is pretty affordable.

Support: 7

Because I had a little issue with, I had to write this review. They were pretty decent about helping me with my problem with some coaxing on my part, but overall it got handled. They made things pretty easy to use and were supportive when I needed them to be. SameDayEssay didn’t make me feel as important client as I wanted but they did take care of me when I pointed out there were issues with my paper that needed to be handled.

Delivery: 4

The delivery of the paper was on time as you would expect. I could not give a higher grade in this review for delivery because I wanted it earlier so I could avoid any problems that might arise. They did abide by the deadline I set for them and delivered as promised. There was nothing special from them that I can note in this review about how they delivered the paper.

Overall Experience: 5.8

Well, I would say my overall experience with SameDayEssay was pretty good. I got a paper that was decent enough to use. Even though I had some problems, they solved them as soon as I pointed them out, but didn’t help me as I was hoping. They deliver on time and are quite affordable. There is nothing that stands out about that I can write here, and you may be better off going with a writing service that will support you and give you better customer support service. If you’re looking for a paper that will pass you class at a cheap rate, then SameDayEssay may work for you. Be sure to read all the reviews on the service cause they are in line with what I experienced and what will pretty much happen to you when you use their service.













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