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Quality 8

I like the idea of Mydissertations being with me as I tackle my doctorate. My curriculum is already hard on its own but I had to have an excellent thesis as well. My professor has always kept an eye on my work (as he can be very meticulous) but since I already have a writer who handles the entire task for me, I simply have to submit the completed work. This really makes things easy for me. My partner just delivered our baby and it was impossible for me to devote time in order to come up with an excellent thesis. The writing style is just what I was hoping to have and my professor was happy about it. I am happy to give this phase of the review a perfect 10.

Services 8 offers impressive assistance to guide you in making your paper. My doctorate is based on a specific topic and I had difficulty looking for references for my paper. Though was able to search all the references I was looking for, I had to inform them about it. Aside from that, my writer also managed to fix the errors on my paper as recommended by my professor. I’ve checked some reviews but not one of them cited about this at all. This really fostered my professor’s faith in my abilities and somehow gave me self-assurance for the nerve-wracking final defense.

Prices 8

Mydissertations’s fees were just reasonable. At first, I was expecting for somehow lower fees but if they were able to deliver the task (which they were able to), then I’m happy with everything. After going through several reviews, I realized that I’m not the sole individual who had the same observation. As anyone would expect, is an online site which focuses on thesis writing. If you happen to visit a doctor who happens to be a specialist, you may have to shell out more for his expertise which is already a given. I’ll specifically include this in my review mentioning that you simply obtain what you have paid for.

Support 8

I must say I am somehow happy with their assistance. I have read several reviews and I haven’t seen any bad thing said about their customer support. The moment I checked their website, I found it really easy to use. Then someone named Emily chatted me and assisted me in navigating the site. I haven’t tried using this sort of online service (I was really anxious) and I certainly am grateful for all the assistance I am given. The payment options were also made simple. I’m usually anxious about using my card for online transactions. Emily assured me that my card details were secure. Moreover, not one of the reviews mentioned about being ripped off or what.

Delivery 8

Their submission method was excellent. I was able to get my files via email perfectly within the expected deadline. It was easy to find it and it was sent in PDF (which allowed me to print them faster). I have as well received follow-up from the writer asking me if I had any concerns at all. If there’s any important take away from this review, it’s how essential it is for every writer to affirm and verify that you have all the documents you need. There’s always a possibility that you can’t make it for the deadline and at times, things get lost in emails.

Overall Experience 8

Mydissertations is brilliant. I’m happy that you have decided to check this review since it was through these reviews, such as this, that I was able to gain confidence to give this writing company a chance. Their service was excellent and the completed task made everybody else impressed. If you had the chance to use their services, why not come up with your own review? It can be of help to everyone, the same way it did for me.













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            • Kamper says:

              Great review for a great website. Mydissertations did a great job with my thesis. Yes, it was a bit expensive but the quality these guys provide is right to my standards.

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