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Following a comprehensive review of reviews, I ordered a paper to see the quality of their service and writing. The reviews on the website said that their service was excellent but the level of the papers was lacking. Even after reading a negative review I hired them. This review highlights the 5 characteristics that shaped the experience.

Quality – 2 does not guarantee that the paper will be submitted on time nor that they will be able to fill the order depending on the subject material. This is unprofessional and affected the rating of the review. When it comes to matters of education, time and deadlines are very crucial to maintaining a high grade. Furthermore, the paper displayed obvious repetitions and lack of coherence. Although it was specified that it required APA formatting the paper did not follow that structure. The website offers no testimonials or a single customer review to prove their claimings.

Services – 1

One difficult aspect of this service is that the money back policy is only honored when you ask for it back and submit a paper with professor’s marks on it. In the highly competition world of academia, this is too much of a risk for papers that are obviously lacking in the depth and quality that would be required to receive a passing mark. Bookwormlab also is missing several crucial assignment types that a student would have to purchase elsewhere to have it completed. When analyzing reviews, several customers noted the writers do not write English at a highly educated level. The review stated the paper read at an 8th grade level.

Prices – 1

The prices are high and the word count for a page is for 275 words. Most higher level papers are at least twice that amount. has prices that are deceiving and downright expensive. Also, the pricepoint for different turnaround times is uniform. Essentially this is overcharging because a paper that comes in 8 days costs the same as one in 48 hours. It was not cheap. There are discounts offered but they are for quite a large number of pages that would end up amounting to hundreds of dollars. Furthermore there is no transparency in the credentials of the writers and the inflation of the prices can’t be accounted for reasonably.

Support – 2

Support is offered via email, chatbot and a toll free number available for the US and Canada. International students might have an issue but there is an international number listed. Notably, there is no links to their social media pages such as facebook or twitter for you to review. Also, several reviews stated Bookwormlab does not follow through on their guarantees or promises.

Delivery – 2 offers 24 hour turnaround and several reviews noted that the service was prompt and the paper was delivered on time. Some noted that the papers were even delivered early. However, when it comes to refunds in the numerous cases of low marks, misses the mark as many report waiting months.

Overall experience – 1.6

This review does not recommend the website or service. Students would be much better off finding a more professional website with more transparency and better quality writers. There are too many problems with the quality of the writing and customer service to rate this experience any higher. Overall it is a low quality website with negative results.













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            • Courtney says:

              They didn’t answer my calls after failing deadline for more than five hours!! Then, they called me backed and said that they need 24 hours more. They delivered my paper in about 12 hours. It wasn’t bad but they spoilt my day. i’ll never hire Bookwormlab again!

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