Writingelites.net Review

Writingelites.net Review
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Quality: 2

Unfortunately, my experience with WritingElites.net wasn’t what I expected it to be, which is why I am writing this review. I want others to know that the quality I received from WritingElites wasn’t up to my standards and I expect it won’t be up to yours either. The quality of the work they performed isn’t what would be expected by a college professor. I would say WritingElites writes at a below college level and wouldn’t give you the grade that you want from your class. The writing is grammar-free, but it is very simplistic in its style and would tip a professor off that you are not at the skill level expected for a college student. I suggest you read all the reviews on this site before you make a decision to work with WritingElites.net.

Services: 2

I wanted to post a WritingElites.net review as soon as I contacted their customer services. They did little to offer me any recourse for my low-grade level paper. I tried to explain to WritingElites that there was no way that I could use the paper and get an acceptable grade. They managed to tell me that because the paper had been completed, it was considered a done deal. I was left to either use the paper or not. There was nothing I could do. I should have listened to the WritingElites.net reviews that mentioned this poor customer service and steered clear of this writing service as a whole.

Prices: 3

Just like all the other reviews say here, the prices of WritingElites.net are affordable, which maybe should have been a sign that there was going to be problems. I have seen more expensive writing services and was attracted to WritingElites because it was so cheap. This was a big mistake on my part and yours if you choose to go with them. Their prices may be affordable but, it is because you will not get the quality you are looking for, so you are better off paying for a more expensive service that offers you more. Listen to the reviews that have been posted about this writing service. They are right!

Support: 1

I am posting this WritingElites.net review mostly because I received a total lack of support by this writing service when I complained that my paper was not up to my standards. They didn’t support me in any way, and I was left paying for something that I can’t use. I missed the deadline for my paper because I was counting on WritingElites to deliver a paper that was usable. Now my grades are suffering because of this, and they totally disregarded helping me. This review and all the others posted here really let you know that WritingElites is not a company you can trust.

Delivery: 2

While I did receive my paper within the deadline needed, it was at the very last second and not early in any way. That was fine, I guess, but I wish I would have had more time especially because the paper was not very good and I had to write it myself to pass the class. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited until the last minute, but all the WritingElites.net reviews here made it seem like this writing service would deliver on time, which it did, but just not with a paper I could use.

Overall Experience: 2

My overall experience with WritingElites.net was disappointing, to say the least. I paid for a service that I couldn’t use and got nothing in return. As a college student, I don’t have a lot of extra money and paying for this service was a real struggle for me. To get nothing to show for the money I spent was extremely disappointing. I suggest you listen to the reviews posted here. Every WritingElites.net review here is right on and gives a good idea of what you can expect from this writing service.















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            • atexas says:

              had to save up to buy a paper from them and what i got was a piece of shit. if i’d known that before i should’ve written the paper myself and spent the money on women

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