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Writing services have become quite popular, and there are many on the Internet. This article is a review of the essay writing website Many features are built into the site such as an integrated plagiarism checker, live chatting with your writer, and a free preview of your order. The system works by bidding. All writers that are available and interested in your project place a bid. You select the writer who is the best fit for your project and price range. Everything is in your control and responsibility. This service has a mobile version so that you can hire a writer at the last minute and on the go. Let us take a close look at some of the features promoted by

Quality – 6

The service has several quality components. First, they hire writers who have advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines. Each author must fill out an application and give credentials for review. Also, each applicant must pass a grammar test. Second, customer reviews are the basis for the rating system. Writers earn badges for the best and most reviews. The average quality score of writers is quite high at 9.53 out of 10. However, make sure to vet out the writer you choose through reading their profile, asking for samples, and checking references. Sites that rely solely on customer ratings may have a skewed perspective. Third, the integrated plagiarism checker will assure you a unique paper.

Services – 7 offers a strong menu of services. From free samples to dissertations, and everything in between, can handle the writing job. You would be wise to choose writers who have experience in the discipline of your project. Some writers can promote themselves and may not have the documentation to prove their expertise. When you are selecting the various details you want with your paper, you have a variety of options from which to choose including rewrites, editing, format, and style. You will also have the opportunity to write detailed instructions. You can upload any necessary files as well. You are in control, but you are also responsible. The site puts all the responsibility on the customer and basically releases itself from any ownership of the process.

Prices – 7

Pricing is handled in a bidding fashion. Writers bid on the customer’s requirements. Customers can read the reviews and portfolios of the writers and choose the writer with whom they wish to work. At that point, they also agree to the price.

A downfall of the bidding process is it can add time to the project by taking days to select your writer which gives them less time to write. It is always good to have the longest amount of writing time as possible to plan for any revisions or updates that need to be made.

In addition, make sure to thoroughly review the paper you receive before releasing payment. Once payment is released there is no recourse or opportunity for revisions.

Support – 6

They have a vast army of writers, and they also offer good support. There is a FAQ section that answers many of the standard questions. However, there no chat mechanism on the site for 24/7 support. You can email your question but you need to wait for a response.

Delivery – 7

The timing is something worked out between you and the writer. The writer knows our deadline up front. While you have to load your account with the money you are willing to pay for the paper, the payment does not go to writer until you are satisfied. Make sure to thoroughly review the paper you receive before releasing payment. Once payment is released there is no recourse or opportunity for revisions. They say there is a 100% money back guarantee, but that is only before you have made payment. After payment, there is a rigorous process to go through to get any resolution and by that time the deadline for your paper may have passed.

Overall Experience – 6.6 is a comprehensive writing service offering a variety of types of writing from academic papers to business plans. They are backed by customer reviews and several gates that preserve the quality of the writing. The setup puts you, the customer, in the driver’s seat, but make sure you do your due diligence to ensure you get the paper you need when you need it.













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