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Quality: 4

The quality was really bad. It was my first time using and it might be my last. I needed a dissertation edited for my PhD because I wanted to make sure that it was perfect before sending it in. I had done my homework and read many reviews before deciding to use them. The returned product was basically untouched. There were some changes made here and there but overall it felt like it wasn’t edited at all. I was expecting things like sentences removed or grammatical errors checked but the writer that Essayhave had assigned to me did nothing of the kind.

Services: 7

The range of services is quite good. You can get high school essays done as well as PhD dissertations. I wish that I had known about these kinds of services when I was in high school! There is an FAQ page that lets you scroll through the website to find the answers you want. You can find reviews, policies, etc…so you have access to a lot before even ordering. Believe me, I’ve read many reviews from many websites and most of them push you to order something before giving you access to anything.

Prices: 7

The prices are straightforward and well within the average student’s price range. Essayhave checks the market regularly and keeps its prices fair. I only wish that I could have asked for a discount (or gotten one) because all I needed was editing work. Now in my case (as you’ll find in my review) I was disappointed because I didn’t feel like my writer had done a good job with my paper. I really think that Essayhave should be flexible with their prices if someone wants editing or proofreading done. The only flexible terms I can find have to do with the deadline.

Support: 7

The support is pretty good. You have 24/7 support whether you call or email. What really did it for me was that there was an FAQ page. If there’s anything I can really compliment in my review is this page. Too many websites don’t give you anything to look at before you decide to order. The only drawback that I would have to add on this part of my review is that there is no live chat option. If I want to talk to someone I would have to email or call…which are among my least prefered methods of communicating (I like texting or chatting).

Delivery: 7

The delivery is standard: You get a zip file. It was delivered on time and well within my deadline (luckily I planned ahead because I was using this company for the first time.) I didn’t have to stress out this time and according to the many reviews, this business seems to be consistent with its deadlines. This is important because the last thing anyone would want is a paper that is past its due date!

Overall Experience: 6.4

Overall I would say that they are an okay company. The quality of my editing work was not up to parr but I’m sure that if I had asked for them to write me an essay, I would have been satisfied with it. The services seem to be very diverse and consistent with essay writing companies. The pricing is fair and you do get what you pay for (unless you’re asking for an edit, it seems.) You get it delivered on time and in an easy-to-find zip file. The support team is solid. I would only recommend that you check out the many reviews before you sign up for anything.














            • Ian says:

              A company with such a strange name was a bad choice. It reminds me of Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not. My first essay ordered from was good, but the next two were completely failed by incompetent writers. I hope that this review and my comment will help at least one person in this country.

            • Clementine says:

              What can I say about EssayHave…? My paper had been rewritten 2 times and in the end of the story I got B. Of course, I expected more for the money I payed.

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