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Quality: 4

As some other reviews have expressed, my essay came back full of spelling and grammar mistakes and the tense was all over the place. In its first draft, it wasn’t particularly well researched either. led me to believe I’d receive a paper which would place me at the top of the class, but what I got back initially would have barely been a pass. I must add to this review that I sent back my essay with these comments, and they did send me a second draft which was a bit better. I did still need to make a few more edits before I was comfortable enough to submit it with my name on.


Services: 5

I hadn’t read much about Bid4Papers service in other reviews, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I do think I expected more than what I got, though. I ordered my essay through the website and put as much information in there as possible, including all of the notes I had. Some of this had been left out of my first draft essay for reasons I’m not sure of, but it was added after I asked them to make some changes. They took a few days to get the second draft over which was longer than I’d have liked, but luckily my deadline wasn’t until a couple of days later so I had time to change what was needed.


Prices: 5

The price was alright, but I can’t give higher than a five on this review because I don’t think the price really makes up for the quality of what I got back. If I’m paying good money for an essay, I don’t want it back full of spelling and grammar mistakes! I should have paid more attention to the reviews I read beforehand, as many people seem to have had a similar experience. didn’t offer me any money back when I raised the spelling and grammar mistakes, but they did attempt a second draft.


Support: 5

Bid4Papers wasn’t very impressive in the support they offered. As I’ve mentioned previously in my review, I expected a lot more than what I got and that is the case with all aspects of my experience. The reviews don’t mention the support very much, but I would say that they didn’t respond to my emails very quickly, and they took longer than expected to try and fix the spelling and grammar mistakes for the second draft.


Delivery: 4

I’ve had the same experience with Bid4Papers as many people seem to have had according to other reviews. They delivered the first draft on time, but it wasn’t a very good essay at all. Full of spelling and grammar mistakes, tense all over the place, and not very well researched. I don’t know if this is normal for an essay writing service, but I don’t think I’d pay someone to write an essay for me again given that it really wasn’t very good.


Overall Experience: 4.6

My review isn’t a particularly positive one, which reflects the service and the essay I got really. I probably could have written something better than what I finally submitted, but by that time it was too late as I had put my trust in them to write something after that’s what I was led to believe. If you’re thinking of using an essay writing service, I hope you read this review first before handing over your money! Not really worth it to be honest, and I don’t think I would use a service like this again.













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