A-writer.com Review

A-writer.com Review
2.4 (48%) 5 votes

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Quality 5

A-writer.com provided me with the decent paper for my sociology report. I was pleased. I made a passing grade and everything that I wanted to express was written fluently and professionally. This paper wasn’t the best paper in the world. But it was enough to get me by in this class. I learned a lot from what was written which says a lot. There’s no way I would have done this well composing this project on my own. I’m thankful for the writers who help me with this.

Services 5

A-writer.com offered some very useful services. The site itself was not very exciting but is the service that counts the most. I noticed that this company offers many papers and editing Services. Whether you want it custom paper written or just some typical guidance, you’ve got it. I even noticed that A-writer.com let you choose your own deadlines. That was something that I could really appreciate. I think that many students with various academic needs would find this site useful because they offer such a wide variety of services. I would tell my friends to check it out. They may end up being even more impressed with their experience than I was with mine.

Prices 4

The prices were okay. I believe they’re the standard going rate for this type of service. I can’t be sure. Fortunately I had the funds to go ahead and splurge on this project. Yes it was a bit high, but that might just be because I am a broke college student with limited pocket change. However, as I stated earlier I was satisfied with this service in the outcome. So I didn’t mind the fact that I had to shell out some money.

Support 5

Fortunately, all of my needs were pretty simple and straightforward. I didn’t need to turn to support too often, but they seemed very helpful and available to me. Everyone was polite and I appreciated that. I didn’t have that many questions so thankfully everything worked out the way that I wanted it to. The writer who completed my paper was very smart and very credentialed. I asked the writer beforehand about his previous experience and he was able to answer my question thoroughly. So the service was great. I’m not sure how they would have handled things if I had more detailed requests or issues so I can’t speak on that. But since my request were pretty simple they were able to handle those things professionally.

Delivery 5

Everything with the delivery turned out cool. They allow me to choose my own due date before the project began. I was very pleased with that because I had never encountered that option before. I gave the writer enough time to finish this project with ease and to put his all into the work. This turned out to be a good choice. My project was delivered on time and subsequently I was able to submit it to my professor on time. This took a load of stress off of me. The only thing that could have been different was they could have left a note explaining how the project went. But all they did was submitted the assignment. I guess I can’t complain about that because things went well.

Overall 4.8

Overall I had a good experience with A-writer.com. it wasn’t top-notch excellent work, but it was enough to get me through this assignment and allow me to pass this project. I definitely feel that maybe better writers out there, but I won’t complain for now. I’m leaving this company a neutral review. Others may have better or worse experiences depending on their needs in which professionals they encounter through this company. However there’s always room for improvement with any company, so I wish future customers good luck as well as the professionals on this site as well.















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