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This is a review of and the online writing services they provide one student for a college level paper.

Quality (5)

I decided I needed help writing one of my assignments. I had been getting behind on my homework at school and just didn’t see how I could manage to get this paper done. I chose because I had read a lot of reviews about this company and they seemed like they could do the job for me. I do have to admit that some of the reviews were questionable but I just assumed that these students had high expectations and complicated requirements. I didn’t have that difficult of a paper to be written, so I took a chance and went with PaperDueNow. The results of the paper I received were OK. It was passable but not really the highest quality. I was satisfied as at least this paper was done and I could move on from this class but would remember the quality that they provide before I use again.

Services (7)

One of the things that attracted me to PaperDueNow was all the services that they provided. I saw in one review that I read online that not only were students using this company but professionals also hired them to have work done. This seemed like a good sign to me, and I will say that I am impressed with all the different types of assignments that this company can handle.

Prices (4)

I will say that the prices for services could be better. They are fair, I guess, but I would have appreciated more of savings as I am a college student with limited funds. When I look at the paper that I asked them to complete and the amount of work it entailed, I would say that it was averagely priced. I guess I was just looking to catch a break on the pricing. I did see many reviews that said I could find cheaper online writing companies but I was worried that the quality would suffer, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Support (6)

I didn’t really use’s support services, but I did notice on the reviews that I read online that their support is good. I gave them decent marks here in this review because I felt secure that if I needed help from them, they would be there to answer my questions and calm my concerns. I saw other reviews that said they would help.

Delivery (5)

The delivery of my paper from PaperDueNow was rather slow. I was anticipating that since it was an easy assignment that I would receive it early. I did get it on time so don’t mistake this review as negative here. I was just surprised that an easy assignment such as this would take so long.

Overall Experience (5.4)

My review gives this online writing company average marks. They will meet the requirements of your paper but will not exceed them in any way. Your paper will be delivered on time but not early, and the prices are fair, but you are going to wish they were less. There is nothing really notable about working with PaperDueNow that I remember and want to pass on other than I passed my class with a decent grade and got this paper that was hanging over my head out of the way. was able to finish the task, and I was able to move on. Would I use them again? I’m not sure. It would depend on the class, the assignment and what type of grade I was looking to receive.













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