IvoryResearch.com Review

IvoryResearch.com Review
2.71 (54.29%) 7 votes

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Quality (5)

This IvoryResearch.com review tells my experience about working with this company. I asked them to write me a paper for my history class. It was a substantial assignment that required some additional research, and I felt like I could trust IvoryResearch.com to do the job. It did provide me a paper that was error-free and properly researched. It didn’t go above and beyond my requirements which was kind of a disappointment, but I figured if I got an OK grade I would be fine.

Services (5)

If you look at the other IvoryResearch.com reviews, they all say that this company provides plenty of services. I found this to be true as well. It was able to work on my assignment even with the specifications that I had listed. My professor has a lot of requirements and IvoryResearch was able to handle them and follow the directions as I needed.

Prices (5)

This is where you’ll really want to pay attention to my review as the prices at IvoryResearch.com are really what I would consider fair, especially for the level of depth that was needed for my paper. Some reviews that I have seen say that they think that IvoryResearch.com is expensive but if you consider all the work that goes into these papers it seems right on with what you would expect to pay. Again, I thought the prices for my paper were very fair from IvoryResearch.com.

Support (6)

I had a lot of questions when it came to choosing IvoryResearch.com to do my assignment. The person I chatted with was very friendly and patient. They answered all the questions I had and helped calm my worries about getting a paper that would work for my assignment. I have to say in this review that I was really happy with how I was treated by IvoryResearch. For an online company, it did make it more personal when working with me. I liked this part of working with IvoryResearch.com.

Delivery (6)

Another thing that kind of surprised me that I wanted to include in this IvoryResearch.com review was that this company delivered as expected. It’s not like I got my paper extra early or anything, but it did deliver to my expectations. I think next time that I would tell them I needed my paper sooner to help reduce some of the stress I was feeling waiting for it. A lot of the IvoryResearch.com reviews say this same thing so I would assume this is true for most assignments that you have this company work on.

Overall Experience (5.4)

I would say that you should listen to the reviews that are posted about IvoryResearch.com. They all say that this online writing service is average in its quality, price, and expectations. I would have to agree with these reviews and but also add that I was OK with the prices and thought the quality was standard for an online writing service. I would think that there are better writing companies out there and with a little research you’d be able to find one that could help you with your assignment at a lower price and with more quality. Overall IvoryResearch is not the worst online writing service that I have ever worked with, and it is not the best. It is standard in its offerings and procedures. If you decide to go with IvoryResearch.com, don’t expect to be overexcited about what you will receive. It will be enough to pass your class if that is all you are looking for.















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            • Robert says:

              IvoryResearch.com can be good when they want too. Ordered from them 2 times – first time got a good paper, nothing to complain about. Second time the paper was poorly written, full of errors and past the deadline. So I dunno. Don’t want to test my luck with them again

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