Ordercustompapers.com Review

Ordercustompapers.com Review
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Quality: 4

I ordered an essay writing service from OrderCustomPaper.com as I didn’t have time to do it myself. I wish I had read some OrderCustomPaper.com reviews first, what I got back doesn’t look like anything I would have written, so it’s going to be very obvious to my lecturer what I’ve done! There are a lot of spelling mistakes, the writing is bland, and the essay isn’t very well researched! It might scrape me a pass, if I’m lucky, but not much more than that. OrderCustomPaper led me to believe I’d be getting something much better than this.

Services: 3

I didn’t speak to a single human being during my time with OrderCustomPaper.com. I submitted my order via their website, thinking that someone would call me to discuss it further, but then I didn’t hear anything back until a few days later when they sent my essay through. I had tried to email but got no response. I told them I wanted some money back because it was quite expensive and not what I expected, but I haven’t heard anything again. Writing this review in the hope that someone will get back to me.

Prices: 3

Other reviews say the price of OrderCustomPapers.com is quite reasonable, but I don’t think that to be true at all. I paid quite a lot of money and I don’t think what I got back justifies the amount I paid, so my OrderCustomPapers.com review is going to be a lot different. The website has prices on which seem ok, but once you actually put an order in, the cost soars. I don’t know if people who wrote the other reviews had less costly pieces of work done, or if they got something better back, but I don’t think the essay I got was worth the money at all.

Support: 3

OrderCustomPapers gave me very little support at all so I can’t review them highly for this. I didn’t hear from them after I placed my order except for an automated email, and they didn’t respond to an email I sent to see if they were working on my essay. Some OrderCustomPapers.com reviews seem to have had similar experiences, but I didn’t have time to read those reviews before I placed my order because I was in a rush to get the essay done. I am still waiting to hear back about some refunded money as their essay was too much for what I got.


Delivery: 2

As mentioned elsewhere in my OrderCustomPapers.com review, what I got back from them when they sent my essay over wasn’t really what I expected. They sent it on time, which was lucky because that was the day of my deadline, but the essay isn’t going to get me a very high grade. Lots of spelling mistakes, really boring writing, and poor research makes it quite a weak essay overall. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to proofread it, so I didn’t realise how bad it was until I’d submitted it. Not looking forward to the call I’ll have from my lecturer when he gets round to marking it!

Overall Experience: 3

As you can probably tell from the rest of my review, I didn’t have a great experience working with OrderCustomPapers.com. The essay was quite bad, and the service was a bit odd. I didn’t get to speak to another person the whole time, as everything is done through their website and on email, and they don’t reply to emails when you chase how your work is coming along. Next time I need an essay writing service, I’ll do a bit more research first as I won’t be using these guys again!















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            • Duncan says:

              This company produced work for us back in the ezine articles days, we used them when they had a different name. They have rang many many times asking us to reuse them again. The work was ok until we ordered 10, these were sent back and they were so bad that they would not pass for being written by a cat.

              The company is several years later still spinning these articles with our name in and spamming the internet for links. ( Indian SEO)

              The content of the produced content is so bad, here is a recent example.

              “When we pertinacious to deal a train to go touring in we were entireness novices. Id n incessantly towed a go ahead allow whole employ towbars in the past. I knew what towbars were of course, theyre expert devices that cast up to the foundation of a vehicle and you squirt purchase non-homogeneous r supplanters automobilee”

              “that were on the grocery store field and how you genuinely worked this sign of accessory. So I took our family machine to a local anaesthetic pith that specialized in sufficient”

              “The gross sales beau was ever so laborsaving he c be integraly explained to me the diametrical options that were on tap(predicate) and left me to make my allow finale found on what he had told me. in that respects to a greater extent plectron than you thinkI set about to say, I was passably taken a endorse by the go in of”

              “There be level(p) mechanised versions of towbars that magically shape up at the doctor of a simplyton, it in truth is an eye-opener when you set forth to numerate the incompatible options that be for sale at the moment.”

              ” I did goldbrick with the vagary of star of the detachable towbars simply changed my straits at the last minute. When I charm our locomote to the back of our railcar I cherished to bound it as h starst as possible, I didnt ask to be flyspeck just about with removable types of”

              Save your money and use another company if you must pay someone to create written content for you, as they are impossible to get refund from also.

              Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE, ever they are bad bad people

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