Iwriteessays.com Review

Iwriteessays.com Review
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Quality: (4)

The submitted work from our selected Iwriteessays writer was fine but to be honest, I could have come up with something better. I wanted to have a research paper done in UK English for my colleague since he has no means of accessing writing companies from where he’s based. He could not as well come up with an Iwriteessays.com review so I’m coming up with this on my own. The work itself was done in satisfactory English but some points could have been conveyed comprehensively. Honestly, I would have come up with it myself but it has to be in UK English which I’m not at all familiar with. The length of the paper was a bit longer than I have anticipated. My colleague had to do a few edits after he got the paper.

Services: (2)

I was not happy with the finished work submitted to me. Given the Iwriteessays.com reviews I have checked, I was hoping for the same thing. The moment you get into their website, someone assigned on the website begins to chat with you. The irritating chat pop up was too much. Moreover, for some unknown reasons, having your paper done in UK English can cost additional money. I did not read anything regarding this in those Iwriteessays reviews I have seen. You even had to shell out more money just to be assigned to an excellent writer, I mean, aren’t they all supposed to be one? The more I focus on this, the more I feel like leaving Iwriteessays a horrible review.

Prices: (2)

The fees were ridiculous. I had checked several Iwriteessays reviews but not one of them mentioned regarding the additional cost and charges required to really get what you need. As for my case, I have a tight deadline and so I needed to have it completed in just a few days’ time. In order to have this done, I have to pay something additional. I was anticipating it might just be quite a bit however the fees increased immensely. I had assumed that I was to be assigned a competent writer to complete the paper as it was for my colleague and he had checked the reviews so I am certain he is aware exactly of what he is dealing with.

Support: (1)

This is most likely the worst phase of my entire transaction. I guess there was only 1 or 2 of the reviews which mentioned about their support category. So, the moment you access their site, they have this welcome from customer support. You would think that a real person is interacting with you but in reality, you are just being led to the FAQ link. What’s even worst is that you cannot check the responses to the FAQ. There was also no way to access the responses to the inquiries regarding Iwriteessays.com reviews.

Delivery: (4)

I had difficulty looking for the document the writer has submitted to me. In the end, I saw an email which went into my spam folder since my writer merely sent me a file. I would have hoped for a real email with at least ‘Iwriteessays.com” written on the subject line. When I contacted the writer regarding this, I did not even get their usual clipped response.

Overall Experience: (2.6)

Like what I have mentioned, I am really frustrated in the entire transaction. My colleague was the one who advised me to choose them and this is only because I wanted the UK writing assistance. He was extremely busy and due to his being preoccupied, I was left with no choice but to make this order on his behalf. As you may have anticipated from this review, I don’t have any plans of dealing with them again. If you want to have your papers made, I urge you to look somewhere else. The customer experience was frustrating, submission of the work was incompetent and the finished work was nothing better to what I would have come up myself. Take this as a reminder: keep your hard-earned amount and look somewhere else.
















            • Gordon says:

              I still regret that I wasted my time on iwriteessays. They gave my money back but the exam was completely failed.

            • hshsh says:

              yo siriosly wtf is this shit? i need refund asap, payed them like $40 and for what? crappy paper with erors and shit.

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