Termpaperwarehouse.com Review

Termpaperwarehouse.com Review
2.23 (44.62%) 13 votes

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Quality (2)

In this database, you can find hundreds of ‘free’ essays about religion, history, literature, science, music, philosophy, technology, business, and many other topics. At the beginning of each paper, you can see the amounts of words, the number of pages, who submitted it, and when. These essays were published years ago, and Term Paper Warehouse gives no guarantee that people have already used these essays for their own benefit. The quality of the paper itself is very low. It is more than obvious that, even it seems the people who wrote the paper did a good research; he or she had no idea on how to reflect the ideas or to keep a line of thoughts. Many TermPaperWarehouse.com reviews agree on it. Therefore, if you are expecting to get a great free paper to give your professor and get a high grade, you are totally wrong.

Services (1)

TermPaperWarehouse.com offers no service. They do not offer you a writer who can do a research on a topic, and give you a paper in a determined amount of time. They just post papers some people wrote. If you are looking an online writing service, you will not find it on this website.

Prices (5)

I am scoring this with a 5 on this TermPaperWarehouse.com review because technically you have to pay nothing for these papers. Some reviews praise this saying that there is no other website where you can find free papers ready to be downloaded. But if you take into consideration that you are receiving a non-original, not free of plagiarism, and bad-written paper, then it is not a smart move to get a paper from them, but a very silly one.

Support (2)

I had some questions about TermPaperWarehouse.com and the papers I could get from them. I asked the support group about certain doubts people who wrote previous reviews had, and to be clearer at the time of writing this review. At first, they seemed to be glad to help me, but as soon as I asked them about the papers, they stopped answering. I could not feel disappointed because I was not expecting something from them, I was just mad because I consider it was very rude to stop answering.

Delivery (1)

Since you are not waiting for anyone to write a thorough paper for you, but you just have to get to Term Paper Warehouse website, browse, and find the one you want to deliver your professor or company, there is no way to give a good score on the Delivery part.

Overall Experience (2.2)

TermPaperWarehouse.com is not a page I would ever recommend. This is not the first TermPaperWarehouse.com review saying this; each comment about this website will tell you the same. Please, do not use any of the papers you can get at that website. You do not know how many people have already used those papers. And remember plagiarism is a serious offense. If you use one of those papers, you could get into serious trouble. If you do not believe this review, check other TermPaperWarehouse.com reviews. My only recommendation is not to find it for yourself because you will regret such a terrible experience.















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