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Quality: 1

The reviews which are shown on their website all look really positive and feature students claiming they got an A with the essay which was produced for them, so I had really high hopes when I asked GradeMiners to do my essay for me. I expected the quality to be much better than anything I could ever write myself, but when I got my essay back I was horrified. It looked and read like it had been knocked together in half an hour, with no sources included at all. There were lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, and the whole thing was so bad I couldn’t submit it.

Services: 1

The service I received from was so bad, that I would leave them a minus score on this review if I could! They seemed quite uninterested when I told them the topic of my essay, but now I think that’s because they weren’t listening as they knew they weren’t going to do it properly anyway! I contacted them multiple times while they were meant to be writing my essay and got no response, then when I asked for revisions as they promise ‘free unlimited revisions’ on their website, they told me I was wrong and the essay was right. They then refused to do any revisions for me, so I have to leave a bad review for service!

Prices: 2

Other reviews I read all said the prices for their essay writing services were reasonable, but to be honest I think I’d have been better off just putting my money in the bin! I thought the cost was quite steep, but now I’ve paid for something which I can’t submit and they won’t revise it or refund me so it’s a complete waste of money. The other reviews must either be made up, or I must have just been unlucky to have had a really bad experience!

Support: 1

The support I got from GradeMiners was also terrible. No contact during them writing my essay at all which wasn’t very reassuring, and a really bad experience when I asked for the revisions which they’d previously told me I was entitled to. No one at who I spoke to seemed to care very much about the customer, so my review of them is nothing but negative.

Delivery: 2

I expected a lot more from GradeMiners than what I got, after reading the reviews on their website. They sent my essay a day later than what was promised, and didn’t apologise for it once. I haven’t read any other reviews on about revisions, so I don’t know if it’s not something they have to do often. It could be that I got unlucky with a bad writer, but I still expected the company to take some responsibility for the poor work that was produced. I would never recommend using this company, as you can probably tell from the review I have left!

Overall Experience: 1.4

As my review suggests, I did not have a good experience with this company at all. At the moment, I think even a score of 1 is too generous! They didn’t keep in touch with me, and have charged me a considerable cost for an essay which I can’t submit as I know it’s all incorrect. They haven’t stuck to their word about unlimited free revisions, in fact they haven’t even given me one revision at all. The service has been terrible and no one has apologised for the poor essay they’ve sent me. I wouldn’t ever use this company again!














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