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Quality: (6)

The quality of my Topessaywriting paper was satisfactory. Many of the reviews I had read regarding quality were positive, so I was a bit disappointed. It could be that my expectations are higher than most, but I must begin this review by stating that the quality (and everything else about the Topessaywriting experience) was okay. I didn’t think the paper was very inspiring, and I could have done as good a job myself. I was hoping for an extraordinary paper that would enhance my professor’s opinion of me. However, all I got was a lackluster essay. I believe the writer could have done better.

Services: (7)

I do like the variety of writing services, including research papers and scholarship essay writing. Both of which I can see myself using no matter what the reviews say. I was bothered, however, by how pushy the website came across. Almost immediately, you are bombarded with ads and reviews. I get it, this is the way things are these days, but it still annoys me. Even so, I have read some reviews in which people liked having their questions answered immediately I just prefer to browse a site before I start asking questions.

Prices: (7)

In my opinion, the prices were decent. While the basic page is only $18, the price can add up quickly. I was looking for someone who was familiar with meteorology for my science essay, so the price went up significantly because I needed a specialist. I do have to agree with the many reviews I read that the pricing is pretty typical for this type of service. Compared to other writing sites, I have to say the prices are pretty standard across the board.

Support: (4)

In my experience, the support was lacking and is the one area that Topessaywriting needs the most work on. Don’t misunderstand, the customer support team is there to answer your questions, but only if the questions fit within their usual structure. When I asked about assessing the meteorological knowledge of different writers before choosing one, I never even got a response. I explained how specific my paper was and that I wanted to be sure about the writer’s knowledge. I assume they didn’t reply because they weren’t sure what to say. I was in a hurry because my paper was coming due, so I ended up choosing a writer whom I thought could handle the job.

Delivery: (7)

The delivery wasn’t bad, and I received the paper when I was supposed to. The writer even wrote a letter thanking me for choosing him. There were some things about the delivery I would have changed, including the file type (it was delivered as a .doc file). An .odt file would have been better, and a PDF version of the paper would have been helpful as well. I know I’m being a little strict on my delivery review, but this is just how I feel about it.

Overall Experience: (6.2)

I will finish my review by saying that my feelings about this company are mixed. They do what they’re supposed to—nothing more, nothing less. I would recommend them for someone who is new to getting an essay done because they are helpful and their products and information is laid out for you. Otherwise, I recommend finding another service to write your paper.













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