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Quality (10)

One of the reasons I chose this online writing service is because I had already read too many reviews that claimed what masterpieces people received from its writers. So I took the chance, and let me tell you, the high-quality that they offer is real. I asked for a literature essay, and it was simply excellent: free of plagiarism, very original, and it seemed that the person who wrote it was indeed an expert on the area. surprised me quite a lot.

Services (10)

My Essay Geek is focused only on writing essays, which is more than clear due to its name. But something I must highlight in this review is that this website does not offer essays regarding few topics, but regarding a lot of topics. And the great part about this is that they have specialists on each area to write the essays – no, no amateur will write your essay. You can ask an essay about marketing, literature, psychology, history, philosophy, law, and many other topics, and your essay will be written by an experienced writer who knows deeply about the area. This is something I love to highlight at the moment of writing a review because I consider it is very important to know if an online writing service can indeed give you a good paper about whatever topic you need, or only about few topics.

Prices (8)

One review I read claimed that even though the quality of the paper you received was very high, prices were quite high as well. I must admit this is true, but for me, it was a very affordable option, because I did not have to pay for an outline, a table of content, a bibliography, a plagiarism test, nor any revision. might seem expensive, but it is actually a very good service. Other websites can ask for money for doing each one of those tasks.

Support (10)

If you read other reviews, you will see how everyone praises the support team from My Essay Geek. And in this case, this review will be another one praising it. This is one of the most effective support teams I have ever used. They answered me as soon as I wrote them, and they solved my problem as soon as I needed it to be done.

Delivery (8)

I read many reviews that claimed that the writers were very responsible and delivered the papers on time, others claimed that they could take more time than the expected to finish a task. In my case, my writer took one more day to finish my essay. Since I was not in a hurry, I had no problem with it. I contacted the support group – as one review recommended – and they got in touch with my writer. But I think I would have been very annoyed if I would have needed my paper to be done quickly.

Overall Experience (9.2) is definitely one of the best online writing services there are. The reviews I read were not wrong at all, it was totally worth it to ask them a literature essay. And even though I received my essay one day after the deadline, I would use this service once again.













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