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Here is a review about from one student’s account of using this online writing services company.

Quality (7)

This is my review of Here is what happened when I worked with this online writing company. I needed a paper written for a history class that I have that needed to quite detailed in its writing and research. I gave all the requirements for my class to KingEssays and waited until my paper arrived. I was pleased with the results I received from my paper as it was written in proper American English as requested and they did do a large amount of research to provide the factual information I was looking for. It was free of grammatical mistakes and looked to be plagiarism free. I would say I was satisfied with my paper from, but I wish they would have expanded some sections in a little more detail. But, all the same, I was able to get a decent grade in my class with this paper from them.

Services (6)

I saw in a lot of reviews that this company offered a lot of services. I was intrigued, so I did a bit of research about them on my own. They do offer many different online writing services that can be used for a range of college assignments. I am going to keep this in mind in case the need arises for me to use them again.

Prices (6)

I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price of my paper. When you read reviews online, they are mixed. Some reviews said that KingEssays was expensive while other online reviews said they were affordable. I had quite a lengthy paper 15 pages, so I was nervous that it was going to be really expensive for me. I don’t know if because I had expected such a high price that because the price I received from them was below my expectations that I thought it was fair or if they really are inexpensive. It is hard to tell. I would agree with the online reviews of that say this company is fairly priced.

Support (4)

For my review, I wanted to be sure to tell about the support I received. It was less than stellar in its performance as I couldn’t get straight answers without a little coaxing. It seemed they didn’t want to be forthcoming in this regard, but I pressed on until I got the information I was looking for. My advice is to be persistent until you are comfortable using their services.

Delivery (5)

The delivery of my paper came on time, so I wanted to include that in this review. There was nothing really eventful about the delivery that I remember other than they said it would arrive on a certain date and it was in my email inbox as promised. It wasn’t early, and it wasn’t late. It was just on time.

Overall Experience (5.6)

My review assessment of KingEssays is that they are an average online writing services company. They deliver when they say they will, and they provide a paper that is written to your requirements. They will not give you any more than you ask for which can be disappointing if you have high expectations. The prices I think are affordable but their support can be lacking if you are not persistent in your pursuit of information. Be sure to do your homework on this company before you commit so you know what to expect and be sure you are comfortable with the results you will receive before you sign on to work with













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            • Kayla says:

              These guys at kingessays are decent but I probably won’t order from them again because I got a C. Expected to get something better for a price I’ve paid.

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