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I am not happy to say that managed to disappoint me. It wasn’t all a disaster, but this service has a lot to improve. I am sharing my experience here because I want to help other students find a good academic writing service and keep away from poor ones – like this one. I must also mention that I am writing this review after trying out their services and after receiving the essay I paid for.

Quality 7

I am sad to say that the essay I received from Academized is lacking. The content is dry and doesn’t flow very well. The ideas, even though somewhat interesting, are not properly developed and the key terms are not explained as they should be. The writer did his best, but he fell short of my expectations. The good thing (for which I am awarding this service extra points) is that nothing looks to be plagiarized. None of the other reviews mentioned plagiarism either.

Services 6

Truth be told, the services offered by are not that comprehensive. They offer just the basics: writing, rewriting, proofreading, editing, and some math help. There is also an admission service and a dissertation service. However, there is no mention of business writing. When I asked about thesis writing services, they really didn’t know what to say. I’ve seen in many reviews that they don’t offer such services.

Prices 6

The prices are decent. Their price per page would be great if the content they submit would be exceptional. However, I will have to penalize them in my review because the content is far from being great. It is not the worst I’ve seen either. However, as it stands, the essay I received does not justify this company’s price per page. This is why I will award them just 6 out of 10 points here. Other reviews seem to give them approximately this score as well.

Support 4

The customer support has been a struggle, to say the least. They reply very slowly, if they do at all. And I’ve read several other reviews where people have been complaining of this exact same problem. If you need answers to your questions quickly, don’t count on them to answer. Also, the Academized customer support rep I talked to was clearly not a native English speaker. On the bright side, I was treated with respect and courtesy. The problem is that I can’t give them a score higher than 4 in my review because receiving a timely answer to your inquiries is extremely important.

Delivery 7

Delivery was late, Academized! Not very late, but late. I asked for – and paid for – delivery in 5 days. They sent me my paper in almost 6 days. This is unprofessional. Good thing I planned for this and had to submit the paper in a week, not in 5 days. If I would have had to submit the essay in 5 days, I would have missed the deadline because of I can’t give this service more than 7 points out of 10 here, unfortunately.

Overall Experience 6

The overall experience has been neutral, to be honest. And according to various reviews, this is what you can expect from them. They sent me an uninteresting paper 18 hours late. Customer support barely replies to your questions. The price per page is too high for this level of quality. My review is objective and deals just with what I received and how I received it. And to be honest, I think that a 6 (I made an average of all 5 scores I awarded to this company in my review) represents this company. They are not the worst, but they still have a long way to go before they can offer top quality academic writing services to their clients.













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