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Quality: (4)

The paper I received from was sort of okay. However, I must say, it could have been written in a better way. I was looking for a high quality thesis in British English. My friend needed it since he was not able to get in touch with different essay writing services from his current location. He couldn’t also write this review and so I am writing on his behalf. I believe the paper was okay but it could have been expressed in a much better way. I could have done the work myself but I am not conversant in UK English and hence did not wish to risk it. I found the length a bit longer than my expectation. The paper also needed some editing which was done by my friend.

Services: (2)

The service quality I received wasn’t good either. I shouldn’t have expected much after going through the reviews which I had read earlier. Once you are on the website, you will notice someone starts to chat with you. This chat function is very annoying and quite disturbing. Also, I noticed that a paper which is written in UK English is definitely costlier. I was not aware of this and nothing was mentioned in the various reviews I had previously read. If you want a good writer, you might have to pay more. Why? Shouldn’t all the writers be good? If I think about all such facts, I really feel like putting down a bad review for

Prices: (2)

I found the price really atrocious! I had gone through several reviews but no where anything mentioned about such high prices. You need to pay extra amount to receive what you want. Our deadline was short and we needed something really quickly. When I mentioned this, I was told, I need to pay an extra amount. The price was too high. I still agreed believing I will have a good writer to work on my paper. I was completely disappointed because even after paying such a high amount I was not happy with what I received.

Support: (1)

This is simply worst! When I was going through the reviews I found just one or two reviews which mentioned about the support team. When you visit the website, you are actually greeted by their customer support. I believed someone was actually talking but I was sent to FAQ url. The strange part is that one cannot access the answers to the questions. This was total wastage of time.

Delivery: (4)

I spent a lot of time to find the file which the writer sent. Finally, I found an email in the spam which had the file sent by my writer. I was actually expecting an email with title I emailed the writer and did not get any good reply till now. This was quite frustrating.

Overall Experience: (2.6)

All I can say is that I am totally disappointed. My entire experience has been bad. My friend wanted to use the service and mainly because he was in need of a UK writing service. My friend stayed in a place where it was difficult to find a good essay writing service. You must have realized by now from this review, that I am definitely not using the services of this service again. If you are looking for getting your essays done, you need to actually try somewhere else because you are not going to benefit in any way when you are here. My experience with their customer service wasn’t good either. I found the delivery service quite unprofessional. The product I received wasn’t good. So, just save your money and try getting your work done from somewhere else.













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            • fksupport says:

              thyeir support sucks 4 real. expected to talk to someone who could help but at the end wasted 40 minues opf my life talking to some guy who didnt know shit about their services. will not use again.

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