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Quality: 4

There were some clear communication errors between my requests and the work that the writer produced. While I did receive a paper on Louis Pasteur, it wasn’t quite what I needed. I wanted something about how he proved bacteria did, indeed, exist. What I got was a historical review of Pasteur’s life. To top it all off, the writer that matched me with wasn’t even that great. I wouldn’t write this review if the writer was any bit of good!

Services: 1

The end product was really frustrating, hence my reasoning for rating this section so poorly. The writer on papercheck didn’t, in any way, do what I needed. While it was completed by the time I requested, (just like the reviews described) the end result wasn’t what I was looking for, as I stated above. In addition to this, he blamed me when I tried to civilly speak to him about what went wrong with our arrangement. One glaring mistake I’ll note is that I requested for a section to be written on the experiment Pasteur conducted and there was no such section to be found in the essay I was given. If only there were more legitimate reviews of

Prices: 2

What an expensive service! Papercheck’s pricing is out of control, as far as I’m concerned. The main reason for the price of my paper was due to the fact that I needed next day services. Still, it was only a 500-word paper. I couldn’t find a single review that discussed the pricing of the site’s services. Who knows if the services offered on’s site are even standard, compared to similar websites?

Support: 3

I wasn’t too happy with the’s customer service team, but they were the least of my worries. The team at took a while to get back to me even after I told them that I needed the assignment completed in 24 hours AND after I told them that the writer had messed up my paper’s content. reviews didn’t say anything remotely like this and weren’t that helpful. I signed up for their services, but their reviews weren’t concise enough to be legitimately useful. I would’ve have given this section a “1” if it weren’t for the politeness of the customer service team. I hope that this review sheds light on some of the customer service flaws I experienced.

Delivery: 4

The delivery alone was alright. I can’t say anything horrible about the timely completion, but I still can’t give this section much credit since the end product was so awful. It seemed that the writer didn’t care much for the subject or the customer. For the sake of this review, the delivery was below average.

Overall: 2.8

While most of the reviews for papercheck were rather positive, they seemed to omit crucial details that ended up causing me major pain. The writer didn’t do what I wanted him to do, the customer service was lacking, and I ultimately had to do more than I’d ever thought I’d have to do.














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