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Quality: 7 handled my product sufficiently. They delivered exactly what I expected. However, based on all the glowing reviews of, I was hoping for a bit more “flair”. I suppose I set my expectations a little too high. I wanted a 2000-word essay re-edited, and that’s precisely what they delivered.

Services: 4

This was where I was disappointed, which is why I wrote this review. To begin with, navigating the Grabmyessay website was difficult. I wasn’t looking for someone to write my essay because I had already taken care of that. I just needed someone to edit it. Basically, I was just for someone to check that my essay was written in UK English, as my professor does not like US English. After spending ten minutes to find where to order on the website, I was unsure of whether to choose “essay writing service” or “exam revision”. The writer acted in a professional manner but seemed confused with the job at first. I have to assume he doesn’t get many requests for US to UK English conversion papers. Most of the reviews are one-liners, so I had a difficult time finding a trustworthy review.

Prices: 4

I was disappointed in the high price of the paper! I couldn’t believe when the work ended up costing me more than $200. As a student, my budget is very limited, so I wasn’t expecting to pay as much to have my paper re-edited as I pay for my rent! Since none of the reviews I had found on Grabmyessay mentioned price, I have to assume their prices are typical for the service. Even so…I was surprised by the cost! It would be nice if others would mention the prices in their reviews so that other potential customers know what to expect. Even though the Grabmyessay website provides a somewhat customizable rundown on costs, I would still like to know what other customers (especially students) think about the costs.

Support: 4

Honestly, I had a lot of questions for the customer service reps. My questions were specific to how my re-editing and US to UK English conversion would be done. I don’t think this is a typical job for them, so they didn’t seem sure about their answers at times. I also asked about customizing pricing and deadline guarantees. Although they were considerate about answering my questions, they weren’t as helpful as I had hoped. I found myself having to just guess which service to choose because they didn’t seem sure about what I needed. In the end, it all worked out, but I would have liked to have had access to more reviews about the customer service they provide.

Delivery: 7

The work I received was sufficient and delivered in a timely manner with a note from the writer. It seems most of the reviews are about delivery. I have to admit, I had no issues with the delivery. In the end, I got the grade that I wanted…however, I have to assume that is because of my writing and not so much the US to UK writing conversion.

Overall: 5.2

Overall, I have a neutral review. Based on my first experience, I think the products and services are satisfactory. While I didn’t feel customer service was always helpful in addressing my specific needs, they were polite and responsive enough. Instead of focusing on just the delivery, I wish other reviews were more comprehensive. If you have the opportunity to use their services, please take the time to write a thorough review and label it as a review so others know what to expect.













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