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Quality 4

I needed some topics that were refreshing and innovative and couldn’t think of any on my own. That’s when I decided to give the essay database at a try. This database contains thousands of essays to give students like myself options and examples of high quality work. For a monthly fee, I had unlimited access to a database full of essays. I thought this was a good idea. There were some very helpful papers in the database, but many of them were repetitive and not that unique from others. Still, I was able to find the inspiration that I needed. I was not wowed, though. The essays had informative details and were structured pretty well, but the grammar was poor.

Services 6

Aside from the database, offers other writing services as well. I did not try them all, but they also offer proofreading, editing, revisions, and help with structuring essays. The company is composed of a professional staff who provide work that is always 100% original. They can write papers on any topic under the sun, which sounds promising. For students who have an idea of what they want from their paper, this company offers custom essays. All they need is instructions and they begin the project. It’s good to know about all the variety they offer. Even if I needed a paper in another subject, they would be available.

Prices 3

The access to the essay database at was on the expensive side. The cost was $28.95 a month. I find that to be a bit steep for my taste, but I decided anyway to give things a try. I am a student on a budget. Of course, I could not keep up with the monthly fees, so I only used this service very briefly. I would not pay for this service again. My money could better be used on gas money, groceries, or other bills. Also, maybe next time just ordering a one-time custom paper would be cheaper than fishing out a decent essay out of a whole database of essays.

Support 7

I found the support at to be pretty solid. I turned to their online chat feature numerous times to ask questions and get clarification on their database. The representatives were often very prompt in their responses. They also were always polite and respectful, which they are supposed to be. The site also provides a toll-free number for customers to call for further questions or concerns. I think that was a great touch. It shows the clients that this company truly cares for them.

Delivery 7

Delivery worked just fine. There were no delays in me accessing the database after I paid my fee. No complaints here. There’s room for improvement, though.

Overall 5.4

Overall, I give a neutral review. I got a C on my essay, which is cool with me, but things could have been better. This company handles their clients professionally and the representatives I encountered were very polite and helpful. The database had many essays, but most of them were similar and not the best quality. I do, however, believe that it can be helpful to students who have simple requirements for their assignments. Next time I will try another company just to see what else is available out there. That is my honest review of this company. I’m not so sure if I would recommend this company to my peers. I would want them to get a higher grade than a C.













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