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Quality: 4

The quality is nothing like what they advertised on I was expecting an above average product for the time I spent reading reviews and trying to find answers to the most basic questions. Looking back I guess that that this was a red flag that I should’ve paid attention to. Don’t get me wrong, I did get a paper but it was of such average quality that I should’ve just written it myself. I am particularly annoyed because I had read many reviews and they were mostly positive. I should’ve read more reviews before spending money on them.

Services: 1

I was really aggravated because of the Kibin website layout. I had a hard time with even finding the list of services. It wasn’t until I scrolled all over the place that I was able to find what I wanted (an essay on communication). What was worse, when I tried to ask about how much things cost on the Kibin site, there were no straight answers. Again this should have been a clue that maybe Kibin was not the right kind of web business for me.

Prices: 1

I thought that, for having to deal with all of this, the prices would be fairer (or would at least reflect the inconvenience. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The price for getting my essay done was far more than I thought. As a mere student I didn’t have that much money to spend. I give this a ‘1’ because it put me in a very bad spot financially for that week…and for what? I didn’t even really get what I wanted which is why I’m writing this review.

Support: 1

I had talked to the support team about my lack of satisfaction. From a particular review that I had read I was ready for them to not be helpful. At the time of course I didn’t think that I would need to contact them. I was wrong and here I am complaining about them in one of my own reviews! I only got the typical “We’re sorry but there’s nothing we can do” speech. What’s more, it took them more than their advertised 48 hours to contact me. Okay they did send the automated response but I was hoping for someone to actually interact with me. Since that didn’t happen I’ve decided to give them a 1 out of 5…and even that’s being too generous!

Delivery: 4

Okay so I got the document on time. It was delivered in a standard format with no bells or whistles. I was particularly disappointed because every review that I had read only had positive things to say about the delivered product. That being said, it was delivered on time and I did get what I had paid for. Still, I wasn’t very satisfied with what I had received…especially since I had spent some hard earned money on getting this thing!

Overall Experience: 2.2

So this is my addition to the reviews out there. I’ll have to say that I am very disappointed overall. The website itself was quite hard to navigate. It took time to find what I wanted and to get some answers. The product itself was of very average quality. The delivery method was standard and too impersonal for my taste. The customer service team didn’t help at all and left me with an unsatisfactory product and no chance at a refund. I will finish this review by stating that you should run and not walk away from this essay company. They do not deliver what they promise. You can even see that from how they make you run around for information on their website. Go somewhere better!














            • wakaflocka says:

              man, this service is absolutely the worst. they are too nice in this review on and yeah, the support is terrible. 0 out of 10

            • Jessica says:

              kibin com is the worst online service I ever hired in my life. Writers don’t follow the requirements, customer support agents speak very bad English. Well that was weeeeird…

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