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Is writing and time management not exactly what you’re good at? There are several writing services out there which may be able to assist you with your problem. is just one of those websites which provides writing services in different fields. You have several options to select from to have your assignment finished exactly how you wanted it. Let us go over a few of the features offered by

Quality – 2 provides papers done by writers from 4 levels of expertise: regular, top-notch, previous authors and superior writers. Obviously, all these levels have varying service rates. They even work on papers directly from scratch but you will have to include plagiarism option on your transaction which also includes a fee. The website provides 100% satisfaction guarantee although there are demanding policies pertaining to refund requests. Be especially mindful regarding this aspect prior to signing up.

Services – 4

Among the services provided by is the option to go over several written samples. They have this comprehensive list of samples to select from. Going over the samples will aid you in deciding if the kind and form of writing they provide suits your taste. They also provide a plagiarism checker, editing assistance, papers of different writing styles, and varying subject and scope. As soon as the writer has been chosen, you will have the chance to communicate directly with him/her without any intermediary.

Prices – 1

Fees start at $10 per page which is actually reasonable for a 1-2 page work. This can really increase if you want an extensive research paper. Then again, the more orders you have, the more discount you can get; you can even get one up to 15%.

One disadvantage is that you have to make an advance payment prior to being assigned to a writer. It provides them the upper hand since you have no control over things if you have issues and concerns or if you are not happy with the final work. A refund can be an option based on their policy. A complete refund is only applicable if you haven’t checked your paper.

For every additional order you make like bibliography, table of contents and several others, you’ll have a separate charge. There’s also the applicable VAT tax included. Obviously, the website is very much focused on the fees. It may not be worth your money.

Support – 3 provides all-day assistance via phone and chat support platform. There is also a complete FAQ link on the website which covers important details. There are user-friendly instructions which guides you in processing your order and getting your request started. This may seem nice but the customer support team are usually not capable of resolving concerns and would usually just advice you to clear the cache and restart the PC instead of providing real support.

Delivery – 5

During submission, the completed work can be emailed directly to you upon your request. If not, you will be sent a notification prompting you to download it from their website. The website provides 3 complimentary changes so you will have the chance to work on any necessary modifications on the work but remember it really requires great effort to prove to the customer support team as well as the writer that the work wasn’t done according to your original request.

Overall Experience – 3 offers several services, the downside is that they make you pay more for every additional detail. Aside from the $10 charge per page, the fee can increase right away. The completed work and the level of service itself is brilliant and of high calibre but the fees can be excessive. Paying in advance could also be hard. One good advantage though is you have the option to correspond with the writer which allows for a smoother process to avoid any need for modifications. For any writing assignments, can take care of your needs but you may have to be mindful of the additional fees.













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            • Mark says:

              It ain’t good at all. The quality Cheapwritingservice is really cheap. I say no to this website once and for all.

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