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Quality: 8

I was very impressed with the work I got back. The reviews about that I had read were spot on about how your get more than you expect. To be honest I was expecting a simple returned essay and based on my previous experience with writing companies I knew that I would have to do a little bit of editing to make sure it was 100% my own writing style. I didn’t have to do that with Vivaessays. In fact the last draft (prior to me getting my final product) was very much how I would have written it, it was scary! The only reason why I’m not giving Vivaessays a 10 in my review is because it wasn’t written in my favorite font (I’m a bit nit-picky in that way!)

Services: 8

The whole experience was quite good. The website itself is very easy to use. The reviews and testimonials were quick to find. I liked the little things such as their “skip to content” button that helps you get straight to what you want to know. The ‘writer-choosing’ system is simple to navigate (which is what those reviews were saying already.) What was a bit lacking was a consistent response time from the writers. I mean, I like that you get to choose from the list but they all were getting back to me at different times. This made picking the best author harder. Luckily I landed on a solid writer who, again, did a very good job with my paper (her professionalism is what inspired me to write this review actually).

Prices: 8

This alone made the whole thing worth it! It was very affordable and more than fair. The prices start from only $9.95 and I didn’t even expect that. In fact sometimes I feel like Vivaessays is giving away too much (not sure if I want to be writing that in my own review!) What really made me smile was the fact that the drafts were free of charge. It wasn’t until I was genuinely satisfied that I was asked to pay for anything. I also got to customize my order which allowed me to skip the things I didn’t need. In my case I didn’t need my essay to be done anytime soon. It was a big project and I still had a lot of time.

Support: 8

To be honest I didn’t really use them so I don’t have much to add here. I had read on some other reviews that they were solid though. The only time I used them was when I contacted customer support about a currency question (I wanted to pay in a particular currency ‘Mexican Pesos’ and wanted to make sure that it could still be done.) The support team member (Thanks Peter!) was very helpful and answered my question in good time.

Delivery: 8

I got my finished essay right when she said she would deliver it. It was exactly what I was expecting and more. really showed me that they were the real deal. I have nothing to add to this part of my review.

Overall: 8 did a stellar job. Their website was user friendly. Their writers were very professional and I was pleased with the one I had chosen. The final product was finished in good time and it exceeded my expectations. The prices were amazing and the customer service team was professional. All the reviews that I had read about this company were spot on. If you’ve made it this far in my review and you’re still deciding about whether or not you should try them…I’d say stop second-guessing yourself and just do it!













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            • College student says:

              vivaessays was by far the worst i’ve try. They cope work, assign an experienced writer, and often lies.
              Do NOT TRY THEM.

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