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Quality: 20

Absolutely appalling! I can’t believe the state of the work I got back from The only thing ‘superior’ about them is their ability to produce rubbish! Not a good review for a terrible piece of work. It caused me to fail as it was completely factually incorrect and was written by someone who seemed to have their eyes closed. No concept of spelling or grammar at all! The SuperiorPapers website is really sleek and engaging, so I was lured in thinking my work would reflect their image. So wrong!


Services: 10

The reviews I read before hiring them must be from people who had a much different experience to me! They seemed rushed and uninterested from the start, sent me my work a day late so I had no choice but to submit it minutes before the deadline, and haven’t responded to my complaint! I didn’t hear from them while they were writing for me, so I hope they read this review and it makes future potential customers think twice before going to SuperiorPapers!

Prices: 30

As is the theme on this review, the price was awful as well. The price calculator on their website is completely wrong, and my end cost was over double what it quoted me at the beginning. I haven’t seen much talk about price in other reviews, but I expect SuperiorPapers do their best to make sure no one ever mentions it! I’ve paid quite a large sum for a piece of work which has potentially cost me my education as it has caused me to fail. I’ve contacted them in every way listed on and have had nothing but silence.


Support: 1

Another bad score on this review for support. I had no support at all, had no responses to any of my queries throughout our time working together, and have had no apology or refund for the terrible piece of work which was a result of this bad decision. I want my money back, so I hope they read this!


Delivery: 1

One of the main reasons I went with this company was because the reviews were very convincing when they stated that their work was delivered onto and to a high standard. This was quite a large piece of work which has heavy weighting on my degree, so I needed a place that would do it properly. Other reviews made me think I’d made the right decision, but as the deadline crept closer and I received no contact from at all, I did get increasingly more worried. Rightly so, it would seem. I think I’d have got a better mark for not submitting anything. They sent my work a day late, gave me no time to check it, so it wasn’t until I got my fail back that I re-read it and realized how much of a huge mistake I’d made.


Overall Experience: 1

This review has to be the lowest possible score available. The work they did for me was a mess, it was all completely wrong and full of really obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, and has caused me to receive a grade of a huge fail. Other reviews don’t warn you of this, so I’m writing this in the hope it makes people think twice before hiring them! The service cost me a lot of money, so I feel like I’ve been scammed as they won’t reply to my emails about getting my money back. I have appealed my grade and the chance to rewrite my work, but that is still pending so using may have been really damaging to me!













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