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Quality 2

I’m sad to say that I had a disappointing experience with I needed a custom made paper for my biology class and I decided to give this site a try. I had read some reviews and I had faith that this would be a great experience. But I guess I was wrong. The writers left all types of typos and grammatical errors on this paper. Also it was not structured the way that the assignment called for. This caused me to spend my personal time trying to fix things and correct mistakes. It made no sense for me to pay for this since I had to clean it up and do most of the work myself. Maybe I was expecting a little more than what this company was capable of offering.

Services 2 boasts about many services on their homepage. It will grab the attention of any struggling college student who desperately needed papers completed. But I’ve since discovered that this is how they reel you in by listing all the types of papers they write and posting some reviews which may or may not be legitimate. I learned for myself just what these services are made of. The website is quick to list the different forms of payment methods that they take. You can tell right away that they’re itching to get your money.

Prices 2

Perhaps the price of my paper would have been decent if the work was of a much higher quality. But I certainly do not feel that I got what I paid for. I’m on a tight budget and so I had to at first debate whether this was even worth it. But now I know for sure that I probably should have saved my money because this company is not worth it. The prices are most likely the going rate for this type of writing service. However, I would have got more bang for my buck going with a different company. That’s just the honest truth.

Support 5

The support from was decent in comparison to other aspects. Everyone was polite, understanding, and patient. The representatives took their time to explain to me the prices and delivery method. They answered all the questions that I had about this project. I just wish the quality of services would match the support team’s great effort. Then again, this might have been another way to reel me in. Their charm and promises we’re nice, but the quality was still horrible.

Delivery 7 delivered my product on time. I really appreciated this. It’s just too bad that what I received was not satisfactory. But at least they kept their word on timely delivery. In this case, them providing me my project on time helped me out tremendously. And this is only because it gave me time to go back and clean up and edit what wasn’t done correctly. So I guess that’s the silver lining in all of this. But yes, when it comes to delivery they kept their word and delivered the assignment on time.

Overall 3.6 may seem convenient and professional, but honestly I was not impressed at all. I cannot leave this company a good review at all. I do not recommend their services to anyone else. I hope that they can improve and clean up their act. It is not right to market yourself as a top notch professional writing service when you offer poor quality of work. If I had turned in that paper as they had given it to me, I surely would have failed that paper. But it’s a good thing I had extra time to go back and edit and research and correct that paper.













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              I think that just need to hire the one who wrote this review! It looks like a story of my experience with this company!

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