Writemyessayonline.com Review

Writemyessayonline.com Review
3.14 (62.86%) 7 votes

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Quality: (6)

The quality of work Writemyessayonline provided was satisfactory. I was sort of frustrated since several of the reviews made on Writemyessayonline say otherwise about their quality of work. I guess my expectations are greater compared to others although I really wanted to begin this review by saying that their work and everything related to my Writemyessayonline transaction was favorably mixed. So what exactly about the paper which I wasn’t keen about? It was so ordinary. I could have made a better one, I was expecting for an impressive paper which will make me standout in my instructor’s class. What I got though was a very dull paper. I was wondering if my Writemyessayonline.com could have done something better.

Services: (7)

I’m happy that there were various writing services ranging from term papers to school dissertations. These are among the writing assistance that I can imagine myself consulting Writemyessayonline inspite what these reviews suggest. The website’s assertiveness annoyed me though. Once you access it, you’ll be flooded with several ads and reviews. I know this is something typical nowadays but I still find it annoying. Although, I have checked a couple of reviews from individuals who prefer having someone respond to their inquiries. In my case, I prefer checking the website alone.

Prices: (7)

The fees were reasonable. Although the basic page is set at $18 each but it can increase fast. As for me, I wanted someone who is familiar with meteorology for my science paper. Having an expert is what made the fees increase and I’m not referring to just a small amount here. Although I have checked some reviews from Writemyessayonline.com and I am in agreement that the fees are just okay. I’ve checked on other writing companies and have verified that the fees are more or less similar.

Support: (4)

In my case, the assistance provided is unsatisfactory. If there’s something Writemyessayonline have to fix, it would be their level of assistance. Let me clarify: They have this customer support group and they do respond to your concerns as long as it falls within their scope. I wanted to know exactly if I can evaluate the knowledge of several writers regarding the topic of meteorology before I can pick one. I have informed them about the work being somehow particular and I have to be certain with the writer before picking one. I have not received any response and I think this is because they don’t know how to go about it. Ultimately I chose the writer whom I believe was ideal for the task since I have limited time. My paper’s deadline is fast approaching.

Delivery: (7)

The submitted work was fine. It was delivered as promised. Included in the submitted work is a letter from the writer thanking me for choosing him for the task. I would have insisted on some things if they’ve asked me. For instance, the paper was sent to me in .doc file, when I could have had it in .odt file. The writer should have as well included a PDF version of the work. With this, I admit I’m being really strict on this review regarding the delivery phase yet; this is really my opinion about it.

Overall Experience: (6.2)

I will end this review for Writemyessayonline by saying that my views about this writing company are varied. They can fulfill the task, yes, but that’s just it. I suggest that if this is your first time to have your paper done by someone else, then choose them. They can provide assistance and most things are readily made available for you; otherwise you can settle with another writing company for the task.















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