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Quality: 6

I was nervous at first, but it turned out that I got a decent grade from the work I received on The ultimate rating for this sub par rating was the fact that I received the essay back with a few grammatical and spelling errors, all of which I had to correct on my own. This was the only annoying part of this section of the review that I have to write about, however. The quality of the writing I received back from the writer at myassignmenthelp was a decent crop, however.

Services: 6

I can’t harshly grade the services offered on since the quality of the assignment I received was decent, to say the least. Most other reviews I’ve found seemed to think along a similar train of thought. The reason for my downgrade of this section is the fact that they weren’t very responsive to my questions. I had to wait several days for a reply from their team, something that could’ve proved decisive if I had a time sensitive assignment. I wish I had found this in the review I read!

Prices: 4

There wasn’t much to talk about in this part of the review, but I do have one thing to say about the prices of the services of myassignmenthelp – they’re a little more costly than other types of similar services. I can confidently say this because, well, I’ve used the services of other sites similar to myassignmenthelp. Other people who wrote reviews of the site also seemed to concur. Read reviews to concisely understand the prices you’ll potentially have to deal with!

Support: 7

While the support team certainly took a while to answer my questions (hence my reasoning for rating this category as a 7 in this review), they were extremely helpful when they eventually did answer them. This section of the review is one of the highest rated sections, because of this. The myassignmenthelp support team was supportive, courteous, and extremely professional.

Delivery: 7

In other reviews of the site I read, many customers weren’t satisfied with the time that it took for the assignment to be returned to them. My experience with was quite different, however – the product was delivered to me in a timely and efficient manner. I’ll be sure to mark this section higher on my review!

Overall Experience: 6

This is certainly a neutral/positive review, for there were many things that went right for me on the site and only a few things that didn’t quite go as I planned. For example, the prices were a little higher than I’d expected them to be. The assignment I received was also not error-free, leading me to do extra work on my end once I received the product back from the writer. Generally speaking, however, the site is excellent and provides great services to its customers. There are just a few things that they might need to amend if they want to see reviews that are more positive than this.













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