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Quality: 3

I had high hopes when I used for my academic assignment. I can’t say that I was satisfied. I had planned on turning in the most impressive paper that I have all semester. So, I relied on the help of this professional service. Sadly, the paper that I paid for was not top-notch at all. While the grammar and structure were up to standard, there could have been way better research put into this assignment. This affected my grade.

Services: 2 claims to offer many useful services when it comes to academic papers like mine. The website boasts of all the great ways they can make a student’s life easy by offering papers in an array of subjects. My paper was in philosophy, which is not my favorite subject at all. Naturally I was drawn to these services, even though the website was kind of jumbled and disorganized. I eventually found my way to ordering what I needed. I had to create an account to get started with their services, which was a step I could’ve done without. I notice that the site has a chat feature, but no one answered to me when I tried it. The writer who took on my assignment was friendly and started the paper right away. I expected that I would be pleased.

Prices: 3

The price for my essay was a bit on the expensive side. At first, I didn’t mind the price because I thought I would receive a stellar paper. If it was a better outcome I wouldn’t have minded. But indeed, I don’t feel like I got what I paid for. I didn’t achieve the grade I wanted on this project. The positive reviews posted on were plentiful. However, I couldn’t relate to any of them. I’m already on a tight budget, but I was willing to spend more money for this essay. I will definitely think twice before dishing out the money again.

Support: 4

The team was generally very helpful to me. They answered questions and gave me detailed responses, though they weren’t always as prompt as I would have liked. I mentioned earlier how they didn’t respond right away when I wanted to use the chat feature. Other than that, the team is good at explaining their services. They definitely talk the talk, but this is probably just to reel me in. Customer service is good. I just wish the quality of their work could match.

Delivery: 5

My philosophy paper was delivered on the due date I was promised. I was relieved by this. It included a friendly letter from the writer explaining things. It was great to know that I would be able to hand in my assignment on time. Of course, late assignments affect a student’s grade in a bad way. It’s good to know that the writers at are prompt at delivery. It’s a good thing this paper was delivered to me ahead of time. Because I had to go back and add a lot of research to this paper, unfortunately. So, great delivery, doesn’t make up for poor quality.

Overall: 3.4

I’m giving a negative review. At this time, I would not reuse their services nor would I recommend their business to others. My paper was full of fluff, even though it met the length requirement. I felt ripped off because I paid a nice price for this convenience of not having to complete this paper on my own. But I still had to do a lot of the work when this essay was not what I wanted. This customer service was decent, though. And I hope this team of writers gets stronger and improves with time.













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