WritingJobz.com Review

WritingJobz.com Review
4.33 (86.67%) 6 votes

Quality: 9

I’ve always been a superb writer, but options in the work force for writers are scarce. I work a fulltime day job but needed some supplemental income. I found writingjobz.com and signed up immediately. I have bills to pay and savings to keep. I was so elated to find this company. The website is easy to use and I was connected to clients right away. I have nothing bad to say about this company. I encourage all business and academic writers to give this platform a go. You will not be disappointed.

Services: 8

The services are simple. If you are in need of a written paper, proposal, article, etc., just utilize this company to get the services you need. On the other hand, if you are a writer, connect with this company to look for assignments to work on for clients. I like that this platform is simple and straight to the point. It allows me to put my education and skills to good use by helping others shine in their endeavors. The website is user-friendly and welcoming to all those who visit. There is no confusion there. And the terms and conditions of the company are all listed clearly and are easy to find.

Prices: 8

The prices paid to freelancers like myself are pretty fair. Freelancing gives me extra money to save, so I’m happy about that. The wages are actually the going rate. They could always be a little higher, but I’m content with what is paid. Freelancers are paid every 2 weeks which Is pretty consistent. I can’t complain about that. The company really makes sure to take care of its writers. Clients have stated that the fees paid on their end are quite reasonable as well. I would recommend this platform to all who need some extra cash and have the skills to earn it.

Support: 9

This company always makes sure it takes care of its customers. We can contact the administrators anytime with questions and concerns. These questions are always answered in a prompt manner. I really appreciate that because I as a freelancer am a very important part of this company. I’m glad that I have never run into any issues on this site. Everything has been smooth sailing. The company also takes calls, which many freelance writing businesses do not. So, I was relieved to know about that. Their phone number is listed in the contact section. This shows me that they care and wouldn’t mind holding an actual phone conversation instead of just digitalized messages.

Delivery: 10

I have no complaints about the delivery. My funds are always provided to me in a timely manner, which is what matters most. Late payouts would be unacceptable for me, and thankfully, I haven’t run into that issue yet. Getting paid every two weeks is what writingjobz.com promises, and it’s exactly what they deliver. And of course, I always submit my assignments to my clients on time as well. It’s the professional thing to do.

Overall: 8.8

I give writingjobz.com high ratings! I encourage all people to give this site a try. Everyone benefits from the services here. The freelancers are top notch, and the clients know exactly what they want. I love that I can make my own hours and take on just the amount of work that I choose to take. That’s very important to me. I can honestly say that my income has grown from freelancing on this platform. I also have received words of appreciation from the clients I have worked for! I am very pleased with writingjobz.com
















            • James Mbugua says:

              Is the site open worldwide? Whats the modus operandi of writing articles?

              • writ says:

                Yes sir, this site is open worldwide, people from all over the world can use their services. This site provides writing job opportunities for freelancers and boasts many attractive features, such as flexible schedule and on time payouts. The articles written will serve as guidelines or sources of inspiration for people who ordered them.

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