Writing-help.com Review

Writing-help.com Review
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Quality 1

I was overall disappointed with the quality that writing-help.com dished out. I needed literature essays done for my American Lit class. I needed essays on the symbolism used in Mark Twain’s ‘Tom Sawyer’. The essay had to be 500 words. My writer, rather than making sure that the symbolism she mentioned was properly explained, focused more on keeping the essay at 500 words. She ended up giving a lot of detail on some of the symbolical elements while discarding or briefly mentioning the others. How would that look to my teacher? She would wonder why the heck would I write so much about one or two symbolic elements and then just give a sentence about the rest? Needless to say that my review is going to be a negative one! I ended up having to rewrite part of the essay myself.

Services 4

The services were quite limited. If you read any of the writing-help.com reviews you’ll see that most of them are about literature essays. Wonder why? Because writing-help has some sort of ‘social responsibility’ program. Basically if I wanted an essay that supported, say, gay marriage, I would have to look elsewhere. I don’t see why writing-help.com (or any writing business) would want to limit itself because of the director’s political opinion. Funny how none of the reviews mentioned this…This is an issue for me because if I had chosen to stick with writing-help then my essay variety options would have been limited. I could only get literature and perhaps mathematical essays done. What a pity.

Prices 4

The pricing was not very clear. When I was about to place my order I thought that the prices were in Hong Kong dollars (since writing-help.com is based out of Hong Kong). It wasn’t until it was time to pay that I realized that they were in US dollars. They really should’ve made that clear (especially since none of the writing-help.com reviews talk about this). I mean, imagine if I were from Australia or Canada where they also use dollars. There’s no indication that the pricing is in USD and that threw me off before I was about to place my order. Granted, by then I had no time (deadline was looming) and had to place an order.

Support 4

The customer support was the least disappointing part of the business. I talked with Greg who was able to set me straight on the pricing and the company policies and where the writing-help.com review section was. (Note: If you end up reading my review Greg, do note that I don’t blame you for this messup. Writing-Help has some strange policies.)

Delivery 1

This was probably the most disappointing bit of my experience with them. The paper took what seemed like forever to arrive. When it did, it wasn’t up to par (as I mentioned earlier on in this review) and I had a hard time finding it (it was in my spam folder and the subject header was generic.) That being said, I’m not too surprised: every other writing-help.com review has something negative to say about the delivery.

Overall Experience 2.8

Overall I would have to say that I wouldn’t recommend that anyone uses them. Check out other reviews and you’ll see that I’m right. My only regret is that I had let my deadline get too close as I was spending too much time on reviews. Do yourself a favor and find another company to trust your essays with…one that doesn’t care what your stance on gay marriage is. You’ll be thankful for your decision at the end of it all!















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