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After reading so many opinions online, I decided to prove what was the quality of this online writing service. I have to be honest, it was not a terrible experience, but I consider there are still a lot of things that must be improved before I can call them a “good online writing service”. My paper was not plagiarized, but it was obvious that the person who did it did not even care about doing a good research in order to base my paper in facts rather than in the first thing he or she found. I felt disappointed with the final result I got since I was expecting the high quality they offer its users.
I will try to explain as best as I can in this review the things I appreciate and the ones I do not from this website.

Quality – 5

I have read a lot of negative CustomEssayMeister reviews about essays, reviews and research projects that were plagiarized. Luckily, that did not happen to me. But still I consider that the paper I received was not the quality was supposed to deliver. The person who was supposed to write my essay was supposed to be an experienced writer, someone who knows how to do a research, to organize ideas and to explain those ideas clearly on a paper. Well, at least that is what offers. It seemed that the person who wrote my essay did a plain research, and try to organize the facts but not as if he or she was trying to lead my audience to a conclusion, but as if they were just interested in knowing facts they could find online.

Services – 6

I am sure I am not the only person who appreciates all the services CustomEssayMeister provides. For me, it is not complicated, but cumbersome the idea of having to look for a lot of different online writing services because they offer just one thing. It was a relief for me when I checked that offers a wide variety of papers they can do.

Prices – 4

All the reviews claim the same: the prices the papers this website offers to be done are way too much, especially for college students. I agree with this, since my paper was beyond the amount I thought it was going to be.

Support – 7

I cannot talk negatively in this review about the support group this website has. The problem with the delay of my paper was troubling me, so I tried to reach the CustomEssayMeister support team. It was quite comforting for me to see that they were answering to my questions and that they were really trying to solve the issue with my writer. Unfortunately, they could not achieve anything since my writer appeared 12 hours after the deadline. They apologized for the delay of my paper and offered me a best experience if I decided to ask for a new paper with them. This is the reason why I am giving such a high score in this review to the support team.

Delivery – 5

A delay is always something troublesome, even if it is a few hours delay. The essay I received from CustomEssayMeister had a 12-hour delay. I was not in a big rush, so it did not affect me a lot, but the reviews I have read claim that people have waited for few days for a paper they asked with a lot of time for it to be done. This is the reason of the delivery score in this review.

Overall Experience – 5.4

I have read a lot of reviews, and I know this is not the first review where a client is not totally satisfied because of a service that could be improved. Still, there are positive things that must be highlighted. I hope these people read this review and change the way they are working.













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            • Kelly says:

              I’ve never thought that a review on a random website can something matter. In spite of negative feedback on I chose this company and was disappointed a couple of weeks later. My paper was written by an incompetent writer and they refused to give my money back!

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