SpeedyPaper.com Review

SpeedyPaper.com Review
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Read this review about SpeedyPaper.com so you are aware of what you are getting into when you sign on to use its online writing services.

Quality (1)

I am providing this SpeedyPaper.com review, so students from all over the world will know about the bad experience I had with it. Be sure to read all the reviews that are posted about SpeedyPaper as they are very accurate accounts of the poor service this online writing service provides. I used this company to write an essay for my music appreciation class. This was such a disappointment. The writer at SpeedyPaper was hard to work with and didn’t understand the requirements of my paper. They sent me a paper that read like it was written by a second grader. No way could I turn this in. It was terrible and would have gotten me a bad grade in my class. I had to just throw it out.

Services (3)

Sure, SpeedyPaper.com offers lots of services that you can take advantage of, but when you need a simple paper written at a college level, it can’t follow through. It just disappoints over and over again. When you read all the other SpeedyPaper.com reviews, you see this same theme with everyone that used this writing service. It’s great that they offer so many choices but the results are poor so what is the point?

Prices (1)

The prices at SpeedyPaper are very expensive. I’m a college student, and I don’t have a lot of money. How did it expect me to pay these high prices? You would think with such an expensive price structure it would deliver good quality assignments, but it doesn’t. I was really upset that I wasted my money on this writing service. I should have listened to the other SpeedyPaper.com reviews. I made a huge mistake by choosing this writing service over some of the others that had better reviews.

Support (3)

I want my review to be as honest as possible here, so I will tell you that even though I didn’t like my paper and couldn’t use it, SpeedyPaper did try to help me. Its support was helpful and friendly. It did try to find a solution that I would be happy with. This kind of made things better as it had a different writer rewrite my paper. It wasn’t great the second time around, but I was able to get an average grade in the class regardless when I turned it in.

Delivery (4)

The one good thing about SpeedyPaper was that it did deliver my paper by the deadline that I specified. This did make me happy until I read it and then, of course, I was upset. My paper rewrite was delivered quickly too. I guess this is one bright spot in the whole experience of using SpeedyPaper at all.

Overall Experience (2.4)

With this review, I want to warn other college students about SpeedyPaper. You will be as disappointed in this online writing service as I was. You may get your paper on time, but it will cost you a fortune, and it will be so poorly written that you won’t be able to use it for your class. Even though SpeedyPaper helped me through their support team, I still recommend choosing another writing service company to do business with. It is not worth the effort or hassle of getting a paper rewritten just so you can pass your class. Read the reviews about SpeedyPaper.com first before you decide to use this service. Use this company at your own risk. You have been warned.















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