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Quality 1

I specifically needed a custom paper for my Geography course. I was failing the course badly due to my busy schedule and exhaustion. Also, Geography has never been my favorite subject. I knew that rushing through this assignment would not serve me well, so I decided to turn to the help of professionals. This paper would count for a big portion of my grade and I needed to earn a B or better to pass the class. Using was a big mistake. I found typos everywhere and the writer did not use the set margins that I asked for. Even though I provided instructions, they weren’t followed precisely. Of course, this affected my grade.

Services 2

This company claims to offer custom written essays in every academic subject available. They actually make a guarantee in their mission statement to provide grade-boosting essays to their clients. This wasn’t the case for me. However, this company also offers revisions, thesis papers, dissertations and more. They claim to have top-notch professionals on their team. Maybe I encountered the bad apples of the team because I did not get the high score that I so desperately needed. One thing I know for sure is that I will not be using their services in the future and I will tell my fellow classmates to avoid this company.

Prices 3 makes it clear all the various types of payment they accept. They accept all major credit cards so that anyone can order their services. I feel that the prices were standard, but for the quality of the work I received, I definitely feel the price could have been much lower. After receiving my final product, I felt that I could have saved money and earned a higher grade if I’d written the paper myself. So, I cannot give the prices a good review either. Maybe if it was a bit cheaper, I wouldn’t be so devastated about the results. But then again, it wouldn’t have helped my grade either.

Support 2

For my Geography paper, I chose to focus my essay on the topic of Antarctica. I was excited about ordering my paper and finally having a quality essay to hand in to my instructor. So, once I found, I felt relieved to give it a try. Unfortunately, the support team was slow. Representatives were always delayed in responding to me. Also, setting up an account on their site was rather complicated. It took me a few tries before I could login successfully. There is an online chat service, but nobody was ever available to tend to my questions and concerns. This should be improved upon. I felt like this company was mostly after my money.

Delivery 3

This paper was delivered on time. But it came without a letter from the writer. I was expecting an overview of what was included. I needed proof of the hard work that went into this paper. But of course, that wasn’t the case. This paper was actually delivered a day early, which at first glance I was excited to learn. But when I read the poorly constructed essay, I wished they had taken the extra day to put more work into it.

Overall 2.2

I would not recommend to anyone at all. The observations mentioned above should explain it all. My grade on this essay was a C+ when I was hoping for an A. the next time I will write my own paper or seek help from elsewhere.













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