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Quality: 4

Since I needed an essay to be completed but didn’t have the time to do so myself, I recruited the services of Overall, I could’ve avoided some of the quality issues I ran into if I looked up reviews before enlisting the site’s help. You would think that, upon enlisting the help of a site like essaypride, they’d have writers that are trained to come up with work similar to the tone of the customer’s writing style. This wasn’t the case with my paper, however; the tone of the piece was so boring that it clearly appears to not be my own! Also, I found numerous grammar problems and several parts of the piece that weren’t well researched.

Services: 3

I hope that this review will be seen by those in need of’s services; I had a sub par experience not only with the writer but with the service team themselves! I attempted to negotiate a return of some of my money (which I’d paid a lot of in the first place). The team didn’t budge and didn’t even attempt to get in contact with me once I submitted my complaint. I don’t think it’s fair to pay the amount I did for the quality of the assignment I received.

Prices: 2

I don’t understand how other reviews talk highly of the fair pricing of I found their pricing to be slightly pricey from the beginning, but what really bugged me was the quality of work I’d received at the end of the process, which was totally not worth the amount of money I paid in the beginning. Hopefully, other people will write similar reviews about this aspect of the site’s services. No reviews I’d seen before I used the site ever spoke of it, however.

Support: 3

I can’t speak highly of the service essaypride gave me in this review because they barely gave me any service at all. It was highly disappointing. While I didn’t have much time to browse through many reviews before choosing the site, I saw a few reviews where the writers had similar situations to mine. Since my whole decision-making process was drastically affected by my time constraints, however, I didn’t take much of this into consideration.

Delivery: 2

What I talked about in the previous part of this review still holds true – the delivery, while on time, was simply sub par. The final product was not, in any way, what I’d expected it to be. Even after reading some of the reviews of other customers, I didn’t get a pleasant product. I don’t think my professor will be happy. Worst of all, I don’t know if he’ll recognize that the assignment wasn’t completed by me. We’ll just have to see.

Overall Experience: 2.8

Is it obvious from this review how my overall experience went? It wasn’t what I’d expected it to be, and certainly far from what the reviews made it out to be like. doesn’t provide adequate customer service, doesn’t provide adequate writing quality, and prices their products way too high for the quality of the final products. I’m not a happy customer, to say the least.














            • Terry says:

              Well, I’m not proud of my experience with They charge too high prices, make hollow promises and care little about their stuff. Now, you don’t even need to read the whole review to learn who they are!

            • Lawrence says:

              Essaypride is a little bit overpriced. I found a cheaper service with better writing and quicker delivery.

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