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Quality: 1

This review needs to be read by everyone before they use it for a paper they have due. EssayTyper is the strangest thing you will ever see. You don’t get a quality paper that you can use for your class. You just get information that is word for word from Wikipedia. How was I supposed to even use this? Plus, there are some topics it can’t even do because they are not yet on Wikipedia. I gave this one star only because it gave you a paper at all, not that you can use it. I hope others heed my advice from this review. It is just a mumble jumble of words. Really!

Services: 2

Again, be sure to read up on all reviews you can find before you think for even one second you can use this service for your assignment. It even has a disclaimer that says it is not legitimate and you can’t use the information because it is plagiarism. It has no services to speak of. It just blindly types what looks like a paper but will get you in serious trouble if you use it with your professor. You could even be expelled from school for plagiarizing.

Prices: 1

OK, so EssayTyper is free. I wanted to make sure to include that in this review and all reviews that I plan to write about this online writing service to warn people. It doesn’t charge anything, but there is no way to download the information that you have typed, not that you could use it any ways. If for some weird reason you would use this company and not listen to the other reviews out there, you can copy and paste the information that it types on the screen, so there is that. I still gave EssayTyper low marks on price even though it is free because I wanted more from it that I could actually use for a paper.

Support: 3

EssayTyper has no support. Sure, you can email the guy behind the site, but who knows if and when he will ever contact you. I wouldn’t count on it. I gave them some stars for support because you can contact someone. Maybe I am wrong, and the founder of EssayTyper will email you back instantly. Give it a try.

Delivery: 4

All of the reviews almost joke that this writing service delivers instantly. Sure, it has instant access to your paper, which is faster than other writing services, but you will get in trouble with your professor and school if you try to use it. So, yes it delivers really quick as it is creating your paper the whole time on the screen instantly. Sure, this is without delay, but it’s just nonsense information really.

Overall Experience: 2.2

Overall EssayTyper is not to be taken seriously as an online writing service. It provides no chance of getting a good grade in your class. It just regurgitates Wikipedia and doesn’t provide anything of value on the page that you can use. It plagiarizes blatantly, and even though it doesn’t cost anything, it is still a disappointment. There are no services and no support that I can figure out unless you call contacting the owner of the site by email support. Overall EssayTyper is a letdown. Don’t think for one second that you have found a free online writing service to help you with your paper. Don’t use this site.














            • Clara says:

              A couple of moths ago I found It looked like a regular writing service site but all they have is a good-looking website. I wish I read this review before!

            • Arolens69 says:

              Haha what the F is this? by the name of their company i’d think they’d write me an essay but this is something weird

            • kamkamro says:

              essaytyper is a weird thing indeed, went there just for lulz

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