Are time management and writing not your strong suits? There are plenty of writing services available to help you out of your dilemma. is one such website that offers writing services in different subjects. You have a menu of options to choose from to get your project completed the way you need it. Well, let’s take a closer look at

Quality – 2 offers papers written by four levels of writers: regular writer, top writer, a former author and advanced writer. As you can imagine, the different levels come with different price points. They also offer papers written from scratch; however, you will need to select a plagiarism check on your order, which also comes with a price. The site has money-back policy, but there are strict regulations regarding refunds. Conduct due diligence in this area before you sign up.

Services – 4

One of the services offered by is the ability to read a variety of samples. They have quite an extensive list of examples from which to choose. Reviewing the samples will help you determine if the type and style of writing they offer resonates with you. They can do you a plagiarism report, proofreading, editing, papers of every style and a broad range of disciplines. Once the writer takes the order, you can talk to him or her, removing any middle man.

Prices – 1

Prices start at $10 per page which is fair for a 1-2 page paper. But, it can add up if you need a longer research paper. On the other hand, the more projects you request, the better the pricing; you can receive up to a 15% discount.

A downfall is your payment is made upfront before a writer is assigned. It essentially puts them in the driver’s seat as you have no leverage if you need to dispute something or are unsatisfied with the results. Refunds are available according to their terms. You can get a 100% refund if you have not previewed your document.

Anything “extra” you order, such a table of contents, bibliography, etc. comes with an additional fee. There is also a VAT tax to pay. As you can see, this site is very cost centred; probably not the best value for your money.

Support – 3 offers 24/7 support through phone calls and a chat service. There is a comprehensive FAQ page on the website that has pertinent information. There is an easy to follow order guide that walks you through the process of placing an order and getting your project underway. Might look good but the customer support guys are often unable to solve issues and advise to clean cookies and restart the computer instead of providing actual help.

Delivery – 4

Upon completion, the paper is sent directly to you through email, if you request it. Otherwise, you will receive notification and can download it from the site. The site offers three free revisions, so you can make any necessary tweaks to the paper but keep in mind that will have to go through a lot of struggle to convince the customer support guys and the writer that your paper was not done as per your initial instructions.

Overall Experience – 2.8 has plenty of services; the downfall is they charge for every little addition. On top of $10 per page, the price can rise very quickly. The papers and services are professional and high quality, but pricing can be prohibitive. Paying up front can also be difficult. You can contact the writer directly which may help the process move along smoothly and eliminate any need for revisions. If you have a writing project, can handle all your needs just watch for extra fees.













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