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Quality: 6
I think the reviews on their website must have either been made up, or from people who got lucky as my essay wasn’t something to shout about! I was expecting good things after reading lots of positives reviews, but unfortunately the essay I got back was quite poor. It had lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, and included some bits of information which were actually factually incorrect. I don’t think I’d use again, because the essay I got back was far worse than anything I could have written myself.

Services: 7
Every time I spoke to someone at AdvancedWriters, I did feel like a valued customer. Their customer service team are very good, so I must mention that in this review. It is just a shame that the service didn’t match the quality of the essay at all. After I got my essay back, I contacted them and asked them to change it, which they did. However, it still wasn’t really good enough in the end. When I asked for a refund, it took quite a few times of me calling to make it happen, but they did give me all of my money back. The reviews are true about the customer service being good, but unfortunately those saying they had great essays are not.

Prices: 4
Quite a low score on the review for price, but that is because I did feel like the cost to use essay writing services to be quite high. I have used other similar companies before, and the price was lower. I used a different company this time as the reviews all seemed so positive so I thought I’d be getting a top of the class grade if I hired them, but unfortunately the cost wasn’t worth what they produced at all.

Support: 6
AdvancedWriters have a good customer service team, so the support was quite good. When I contacted them during my time working with them, they were fairly quick to respond and always nice to talk to. Unfortunately, they are marked down a bit in my review for support as they did seem to be dodging me a bit when I finally said the essay they’d written was useless and I wanted my money back. I did get my money back in the end, but I do hope someone sees this review and thinks twice before handing over their card details like I did!

Delivery: 7
The essay I got back from was on time to the deadline which I had asked for, so that was good. But the quality of the essay itself is where they are lacking in points. I don’t expect to pay for an essay for it to come back full of spelling and grammar mistakes, and I would have also liked an essay which was actually correct! If I had submitted what they wrote for me, there’s no chance I would have passed. I hope they read their reviews, as they may realise they need to hire better writers!

Overall Experience: 6
Not a particularly high score for overall experience on my review, but that pretty much sums up the experience I had with them. The customer service team were great, so I can’t fault them for that. But the essay AdvancedWriters wrote for me just wasn’t good enough. I’m glad I read through it before I just submitted it, as I’d have been really embarrassed to have had my name to an essay which was incorrect and full of spelling and grammar mistakes. They still didn’t fully fix it in the second draft, so I ended up having to get a refund and write my own essay.













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            • Thomas says:

     is not the first writing company I tried and it won’t be the last as I can’t say that I was happy with it. The prices aren’t too high but writers don’t seem to be professionals in my field. I advise all students be careful with online reviews.

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