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Grammar and punctuation can be very important when sending out business and legal documents. What you think you know and what you actually know can be very different. If you want to make sure that all your documents are free from error and plagiarism, then turn to I use this website daily to test for plagiarism and proofread my work and have no complains so far. To decide if you want to use it too, read on.

Quality -6

As I stated earlier, I love using Paper Rater’s free services and I request you to try it. When I use their free plagiarism checker and the paper is copied, I receive a detailed report consisting of URL links. So I click these links to visit the sites from which the system found copied content and repair my document accordingly. When a paper is not copied, the system returns a report that confirms it and encourages me to keep producing plagiarism-free work. The site’s proofreading software is another tool I couldn’t live without; it’s free. This software scans a paper based on the level of education of the desired reader and the type of assignment you have written. It produces a report showing your grammar errors, your usage of transitional words, and your usage of vocabularies. It also awards you a percentage grade. The quality of reviews done by this site is great and if you want a real human editor, the site gives you an option to hire one.

Services – 5

Perhaps you are asking this question: who can use the service? There is no limit to the people who will be able to use this review and evaluation service. At present, it is only work that is written in English that can be evaluated. If there is a language you think would be popular, you can make that suggestion. There two kinds of services: free Submissions and charged services. To understand what is free, there is an easy guide on Generally it entails: spelling and grammar checks, automated score given and additional suggestions with regard to the way the paper is written. About the charged services, a lot are provided. As you will discover from reviews, prices change often and at times there will be discounts. So it is worth checking the website on a regular basis. The services that do have a small fee include: all the benefits and reviews of the free service, detailed plagiarism checks, Ad-free and various file upload options.

Price -5

Basic services offered by are free of charge. Before sending in a paper for review, however, check how to do this; assess different amounts depending upon the level of service being used. The Free service limits your document to only 1800 words only – roughly 6 pages. The paid for service can test up to 4500 words – about 15 pages. I often use the free service because I don’t do a lot of writing. If you write a lot and you want your paper to be tested thoroughly by software and human readers, use the paid for service.

Support -4

The first thing you will have to read to seek answers to your questions is a FAQ guide. If you fail to find an answer to your question, you should click contact us page. The site does have a phone number you could call to seek help but only after sending an email. It doesn’t have a Live Chat feature, making communication possible mainly through emailing.

Delivery – 5

I have never had a problem with free services. You should simply follow instructions and wait for the system to scan your paper. Delivery is instant; it takes about a minute to get a report. This site’s delivery process is speedy, accurate, economical and versatile. As I have never used the paid service, I cannot tell how long a human reader takes to proofread and edit a paper. But if I base my opinion on the quality of their free services, and reviews, I would prefer to think the paid services are convenient and quick as well.

Overall experience – 5

I personally feel satisfied with and its free services. Apart from the size of the papers, there are almost no other restrictions. Each review request must come from the one person – accounts cannot be shared. The site will cancel accounts that are believed to be shared. If the paper for reviews is bigger than the recommended word count, there is the risk that accuracy will be lost. There is a downside though, you cannot download results. This is purely a web-based service, as you will discover on the website.













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            • Bol says:

              payed them to check my paper for plag, got it back, submitted it to my professor and got a C because they found plagiarism in it. gonna ask for a refund

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