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Quality: 6

The quality of my Edubirdie paper was okay. I was slightly disappointed because many of the reviews you find out there are very supportive of the quality. Perhaps my standards are higher than most but I insist on starting this review by saying that the quality (and everything else that the Edubirdie experience provided) was mixed at best. What didn’t I like about the paper? It was very uninspiring. I could’ve written that myself. I was looking for a killer paper that would boost my standing in my professor’s eyes. Instead I just got a bland-ish essay. Could my writer really not have done better?

Services: 7

I liked the fact that there are writing services from research papers to scholarship essay writing. These are two kinds of services that I can see myself using regardless of what the reviews say. What bothered me, however, was how pushy the website seemed. As soon as you go to it you are bombarded with advertising and reviews. I understand that this is what is standard these days but it still bothers me. That being said, I have read some reviews from people who liked having someone there to answer their questions. I guess I like browsing a website on my own first.

Prices: 7

The prices were fair. Yes the basic page is $18 per page but it can go up quickly. In my case at the time I needed someone who understood meteorology for my science essay. Getting a specialist caused the price to soar and I’m not talking about just a few dollars more. I have, however, read many reviews and I can agree that the pricing is average. I’ve also shopped around on other writing sites and have found the prices to be about the same.

Support: 4

The support was poor in my experience. If there was one area that Edubirdie needed to work on it would be on support. Don’t get me wrong: There is a support team and they do answer your questions…as long as they fit within their parameters. I had a question about whether or not there was a way I could assess the meteorological knowledge of various writers before choosing one. I explained that this was because my paper was quite specific and I needed to feel confident in a writer before choosing one. They didn’t reply and I believe that it’s because they didn’t know how to. In the end I just picked the writer whom I thought was the best fit for the job because I was low on time: my essay deadline was looming.

Delivery: 7

The delivery was okay. It was given to me as it was supposed to. It came with a letter from the writer thanking me for having chosen him. I would’ve made some changes myself if it were up to me. For example, it was delivered in a .doc file. I would have prefered to have had it in an .odt file. He could have also added a PDF version of the paper too. That being said, I know that I’m being a bit too harsh on my review of the delivery but still…this is my take on it.

Overall Experience: 6.2

I will conclude this review by stating that I have a mixed opinion about this company. They do the job but that’s about it. I’d say that if you’re new to getting an essay done then use them. They do help you out and everything is laid out in front of you. If not I’d recommend looking elsewhere to get your paper done.













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            • ricky says:

              I don’t know why this review is so nice, I talked to support, they were rude and did not want to issue a refund, saying things like I’ve changed the initial instructions which I didn’t ! Will not order from them again.

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