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Quality – 4

The paper was different from what I expected. I requested for a 500 word on how Louis Pasteur proved the existence of bacteria. Instead, I received an essay on Louis Pasteur’s history. I did not asked for this. This is contrary to what reviews has posted. The entire write-up was unimpressive. As a matter of fact I should have written the paper myself. This is a major disappointment, hence I am venting my anger in this review.

Services: 1

This is quite upsetting: The writer who was assigned my essay was completely unprofessional. Though he completed the write-up before the due time, but the wrong paper was delivered. When I confronted him about the delivery of the wrong paper, he was quick to put the blame on me. He said he followed my instructions (this is not the case, I asked for a detailed explanation on how Louis Pasteur’s experimentation, and he hardly made mention of this in the essay). I was taken aback by the fact that the writer didn’t claim responsibility for this error, and for this reason, I decided to rewrite the essay by myself. I wish I had checked out for more reviews before investing my money on this service.

Prices: 2 pricing system is awful. I had wanted a 500 word essay but was forced to pay for a 550 word essay. What should I do with the extra 50 words? In this situation, the essay was part of the requirement for my Master’s program, and it was quite expensive considering the poor quality that was handed down to me. No review made mention of the pricing structure, so I guessed it was reasonable, but it was nearly impossible to customize the pricing to my exact needs. For this reason I am rating this as 2, on the review.

Support: 3

I do believe the customer care service of, could have performed better than this. First of all they delayed getting back to me, and that was quite unfortunately because I needed the paper delivered the following day. I had contacted a day earlier, though it was a short notice. I had read several reviews on the website and they were all positive, this made me sign up quickly. I had to wait for about 48 hours to get a response from the customer care support team after I got the wrong paper, and I was furious, hence I had to complete the essay myself since I had little or no time to submit it. I am not awarding a “1” for the support team on this review.

Delivery: 4

Though, delivery was okay enough, because it was delivered along with the instructions, in a zip file, but it lacks human touch. It seemed to me like the writer was not interested in writing the paper. Though, the topic was not particularly one of the most interesting, the writer should have at least pretended to enjoy writing it. I have decided to award “4” in this review, for delivery.

Overall: 2.8

I am completely disappointed in services. I had read positive reviews about the website. Ultimately, I didn’t get the essay I asked for, and secondly customer service was unresponsive and slow. The writer did not handle the error professionally, but I wished I had not being in a rush to submit this paper. I hope to give myself more time in the future, before choosing an essay writing organization for my projects.













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