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Quality: 2

I was not at all impressed with the quality of At first it looked promising (particularly when you read the profiles of the writers.) Then when you look at some of the reviews you’d figure that the quality would be pretty good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I had asked for a paper written specifically in American English (as I use American English) and I noticed some UK spelling when I ran the finished product through spellcheck. The work that this BestEssay writer handed me back was also a bit subpar. I thought that the writer would’ve picked up my writing style and mirrored it in hers. I was wrong.

Services: 1

This was the worst part of the experience. When I contacted the customer service on’s website and told them that I wasn’t satisfied with my finished product (particularly the spelling mistakes that I saw) I was expecting to get my money back. They were insisting on me either picking another writer or asking the writer to re-do it. I told them that I didn’t want that and that I wanted my money back because I didn’t think that any of their writers were up for the job. Needless to say they said “sorry, it’s our policy not to return paid money because our writers did the work etc..etc…”. This alone makes me want to tell you to read up on all the reviews you can before you commit!

Prices: 4

The prices for using BestEssays was okay-ish (and every review said that). There are cheaper companies out there and there are also more expensive ones. If you check out most of the reviews you’ll find that most people are satisfied with the price. In my case I found it to be acceptable except that, again, I didn’t get what I wanted and I lost money over it. That being said, you do get to customize what you want and can get stuff done pretty cheap. If you can find something that is as cheap as them but with better quality work done, then you’ll be much happier than I was.

Support: 1

Again, I was very disappointed with the decision that took. I’m a student on a tight budget. I don’t have much money to spend on getting my essays done. In fact I’m trying to work a second part-time job by having someone do my paperwork. I’m really annoyed that things didn’t work out and that BestEssays couldn’t do more for me…especially since all those reviews said that they were quite supportive…

Delivery: 6

The speed at which I got my finished product was fast enough. It was within my deadlines, no more, no less. The email I got back from the writer was short but professional. The reviews I had read about their delivery service were right. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more personable but oh well. There was no review that talked about a personable experience so that was my fault.

Overall Experience: 2.8

This writing service was a bad experience for me. I had read every review I could get my hands on but that didn’t save me. The service is done on time but very charmless. The work I received was faulty and there was no way for me to get back what I had given after things didn’t work out. I was so annoyed because I had to re-edit the paper afterwards (but had to miss way too much sleep as I had started a second job.) My opinion? Read every review you can get your hands on before even attempting to work with them! Or you’ll be writing your own negative review too!














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            • Ahmed says:

              I had a terrible experience with, too bad I didn’t read this review before I ordered a paper from them. Full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, I had to redo it myself. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

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