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Quality: 2

Simply put, my paper was garbage. I chose a topic and also gave the writer the directions and guidelines from my class instructor. The paper was disorganized, dull, and full of grammatical mistakes. I ordered a custom paper. I was really hoping to blow my instructor away with a paper of good quality. They even did horribly on the revisions I asked for. Instead, I spent many hours trying to improve this paper that I had already spent money on. I didn’t get a high enough grade that I wanted. But at least I learned a valuable lesson from this: don’t use any more.

Services: 3

This company writes papers of all subject areas and genres. They specialize in creating custom papers for their customers. also claims that all of their writers are highly-skilled professionals with top-notch educational backgrounds. Well I couldn’t tell any of that with how poorly my paper was written. It was as if it had been rushed. They also promise 24-hr support if you need to contact them. I find it funny, because when I had complaints and needed a revision they took way too long to respond.

Prices: 4

The prices were honestly reasonable. Sure, they could have been even less expensive, but it wasn’t bank-breaking either. My problem is that the quality of my paper made even the affordable costs seem a bit ridiculous. For the paper that I was given, they shouldn’t even have charged me a penny! That’s how low the quality was. For their prices, I was at least expecting a decent paper, if not stellar. I will never waste my money again on this company. I went way beyond my budget to have this paper written. I could have saved my money and just wrote my own paper. I could have gotten the same results, or maybe even much, much better.

Support: 2

The support was not good enough for me. I wanted answers immediately when I first read the paper they provided me. But it took them so long to respond. I suspect they didn’t want any complaints. The website is eye-catching and easy to navigate. The homepage is where they try to allure future customers. But they need to clean up their act when it comes to support and contacting their clients. Any paying customer deserves their undivided attention.

Delivery: 2

The order was delivered on time, but it was not done in a neat way at all. There was no letter from the writer that explained the outline of the paper. It was just sent to my inbox all discombobulated. I’m wondering if they even sent me the final polished draft at all, or was this just a dud.

Overall: 2.6

My review should say it all. Avoid this company at all costs. It will be a waste of your time and money. You can find a much better company, or even spend the time composing your own paper. it’s a good thing I had time to clean up the paper so that I could make a passing grade. I still got a C instead of an A+. this company is making money off of giving people Grade C material. That is not good. It’s almost like a scam if you ask me. So, you know my stance on this company. I won’t be using them again. I hope all students are able to read my review before proceeding with their services. Though, I wish them all the best if they decide to go through with it. Perhaps, everyone’s experience is different when they utilize this company.













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